Republican Consultant with Ties to Rick Perry says he Witnessed Cain sexual harassment

by Albert N. Milliron

Here is a nice little story that says a GOP Consultant saw Herman Cain sexually Harass a staffer.  What the interviewer nor any of the national media have asked or care to ask… who in the Presidential campaign have your worked for?

Next they will be saying Cain Sexually harrassed Bachmann - Image Credit

Let us answer that question for you.  Chris Wilson of Wilson-Perkins-Allen had ties with Rick Perry.  That’s right, the Rick Perry who has dropped in the polls like a rock and would use anything he could to rise again.  Who is in his way, the Conservative Herman Cain.

But we are just some Political site that has a few friends in the business and access to a site called Google.

So here is the story you will hear all day, without mentioning the Elephant in the Room.  That Elephant is Rick Perry
Predicts end of Cain Presidential campaign if woman is allowed to talk publicly.

Oklahoma political consultant Chris Wilson says if the woman behind the reported sexual harassment complaint against GOP Presidential hopeful Herman Cain is allowed to speak publicly, it’ll be the end of Cain’s run for the White House.

Interviewed today on KTOK’s Mullins in the Morning, Wilson, of Wilson-Perkins-Allen Opinion Research headquartered in Washington, D.C. explained he was a witness to the incident.  “I was the pollster at the National Restaurant Association when Herman Cain was head of it and I was around a couple of times when this happened and anyone who was involved with the NRA at the time, knew that this was gonna come up.”

Wilson described the woman as a low level staffer who was maybe two years out of college.  “This occurred at a restaurant in Crystal City (Virginia) and everybody was aware of it,” he continued.  “It was only a matter of time because so many people were aware of what took place, so many people were aware of her situation, the fact she left—everybody knew with the campaign that this would eventually come up.”

Wilson said for legal reasons, he can not discuss details of the incident. “But if she comes out and talks about it, like I said, it’ll probably be the end of his campaign.”  The consultant said Cain is digging himself a deeper hole by challenging the woman. He also believes it has put the Restaurant Association in a position where it will have to release the woman from her confidentialilty agreement.  “If she talks about it, I think it’ll be the end of his campaign.”

Hear a podcast of the interview here:

Read more: NEWSRADIO 1000 KTOK-AM.

After all

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via Government Affairs | Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research.

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  1. Congratulations!

    We’re mailing you your very own Junior G-Man Badge in tomorrow’s post for your diligent independent research by which you managed to find that Chris Wilson once did work for Rick Perry. Incidentally, Mr. Wilson’s firm has worked for every Republican campaign in the history of our solar system, so this might expand your “Elephant” theory considerably but, we didn’t expect you to know that. 

    Also, during the time he witnessed Cain’s actions, he was working directly FOR Mr. Cain. Ahem.

    Perhaps it might also interest you to know (probably not, considering the hack job you did on this piece) that the man who followed Cain as president of the NRA after a brief interim is a Mitt Romney supporter, “1000 dollars and above” listed on Romney’s list of donors. 

    And CNN has already scooped you, unfortunately, by identifying the likely “leak” as having come from inside the NRA itself, the aforementioned Mitt Romney supporter. The Virginia Lawyer has concurred, so unfortunately, your “Elephant” theory is peanuts. 

    Perhaps a bit more research is indicated here before you continue to pretend to be a journalist. 

    Again, congratulations on your Junior G-Man Badge!

    P.S. Regrettably, we will be holding your Pulitzer a bit longer….

    • Zane:

       I am sure you haven’t a dog in the fight.  I have noticed when a commenter spends most of his time attacking the writer, he has some secondary gain in doing so. 

      Most of what we do here, is done in a  provocative tone to  generate discussion and ultimately get to the truth,  I was hoping you would offer links and sources that would enlighten us all since you appear to fashion yourself as an experts on political strategy and journalism.

      For the Record Zane Cofield is a Supporter of the Rick Perry Campaign

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