Cain: Guilty until proven innocent?

By Frances Rice, chairman of the National Black Republican Association

Guilty until proven innocent.  This is the un-American standard set for Republican candidates when attacked by the liberal media.  Those who want to destroy Herman Cain’s candidacy have given no consideration to the FACT that not one of the thousands of women Cain had contact with over his 40-year career has ever filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint for the record, an action that would have resulted in Cain being fired, if the allegations were proven true.  Why was no such complaint ever filed, if Cain was, indeed, a serial sexual harasser and created a hostile work environment, as is being alleged?  The answer is simple.  Herman Cain has never sexually harassed any one.

Those who are relentlessly attacking Cain are ignoring the exculpatory statements made by National Restaurant Association (NRA) officials who spoke on the record, saying that Cain never harassed women.  Those quotes are buried in the last paragraph of the original Politico story:


Ron Magruder, Denise Marie Fugo and Joseph Fassler, the chair, vice chair and immediate past chairman of the National Restaurant Association board of directors at the time of Cain’s departure, said they hadn’t heard about any complaints regarding Cain making unwanted advances.

“I have never heard that. It would be news to me,” said Fugo, who runs a Cleveland, Ohio, catering company, adding such behavior would be totally out of character for the Cain she knew. “He’s very gracious.”

Fassler, who helped bring Cain on board as CEO of the restaurant association, said that any inappropriate behavior was not brought to his attention and that he would be upset to learn it had gone on and he was not made aware of it.

“That’s a shock to me,” Fassler said. “As an officer during all of Herman’s years there as a paid executive… none of that stuff ever surfaced to me. Nobody ever called me, complained about this, nor did I ever hear that from Peter Kilgore, nor did I ever hear that from Herman Cain.”

Fassler – who ran a Phoenix food-service company and finished his term as chairman the month before Cain’s June 1999 departure but remained on the board’s executive committee – described Cain as treating men and women identically and asserted it was “not within his character” to make unwanted advances. “It’s not what I know of him,” Fassler said.

Much like Fassler, almost all board members remember Cain fondly and say he left on good terms.

Cain was “extremely professional” and “fair” to female staffers at the restaurant association, recalled Lee Ellen Hayes, who said she “worked fairly closely with” Cain in the late 1990s, when she was an executive at the National Restaurant Association Education Fund, a Chicago-based offshoot of the group.


The payments made to two women by the NRA were made when Cain was no longer with the organization.  Here is a link to an article “Sexual Harassment’s Legal Morass” by Curt Levey that explains, in detail, why corporations will pay people off, even when complaints are baseless.  It’s cheaper than going through the legal process to prove the complaints are without merit.  Disgruntled employees know this.

Here is a link to an article entitled “Witness: Cain accuser hugged him during Tea Party meeting a month ago” by Michael Sneed which shows that Cain’s latest accuser, Chicagoan Sharon Bialek, was quite comfortable in Cain’s presence just four weeks ago.

It would be a national travesty if we, as Republican primary voters, sanction the high-tech lynching of a decent, honest and accomplished black Republican who is being targeted for destruction by the liberal press because he dares to be a conservative.  The liberals in the media don’t care one wit about sexual harassment.  Witness how they embraced and voted for egregiously philandering Democrats such as Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy and John Edwards.   Details are in the article entitled “Standards don’t exist for Dems” by Holly Robichaud that can be read by clicking here.

The biased, hypocritical liberal journalists are hoping they can cause Republican primary voters to turn against Herman Cain, so we will get stuck with another moderate Republican as our presidential nominee who will not inspire the enthusiastic support of the Republican Party base.  This will make it easier for the liberal press to drag President Barack Obama back into the White House so he can complete his systematic destruction of our economy with his out-of-control spending and crushing debt.

As author Michael Scheuer wrote, the Democratic Party is the party of the four S’s:  slavery, secession, segregation and now socialism.  Obama is a socialist and is bent on foisting on America his failed socialist policies.  A general election contest between a black Democrat socialist who harbors disdain for America and a black Republican conservative who embraces our free enterprise system and loves America would put in stark relief the choice facing our country.  Below is a summary of Cain’s educational and managerial experiences that make him imminently qualified to be our next president.  A demonstration of how effective he is in debating Democrats can be seen from this video: “Herman Cain Educates Clinton on Economics in 1994 HC [Health Care] Town Hall Forum”.  

Unfortunately for liberals in the Obama-controlled state media who are busily destroying their own profession while gleefully attacking Cain, most Americans have their eyes wide open and many Republican primary voters have embraced Herman Cain as the Citizens’ Candidate.  An insight into why Cain’s support among a plurality of Republicans has not diminished can be gained from reading the article “Why We Should Be Unfair to Herman Cain” by Andrew Klavan.

Cain is genuine, a man of integrity who has the courage to stand up for truth, justice and the American way.

Frances Rice is a lawyer, a retired Army lieutenant colonel and chairman of the National Black Republican Association.  She may be contacted on the Internet at:

A Summary Of Herman Cain’s BIO That’s Better Than Any Candidate Of Any Party

* Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics.

* Master’s degree in Computer Science.

* Mathematician for the Navy, where he worked on missile ballistics (making him a rocket scientist).

* Computer systems analyst for Coca-Cola.

* VP of Corporate Data Systems and Services for Pillsbury (this is the top of the ladder in the computer world, being in charge of information systems for a major corporation).

All achieved before reaching the age of 35. Since he reached the top of the information systems world, he changed careers!

* Business Manager. Took charge of Pillsbury’s 400 Burger King restaurants in the Philadelphia area, which were the company’s poorest performers in the country.

He spent the first nine months learning the business from the ground up, cooking hamburger and yes, cleaning toilets. After three years he had turned them into the company’s best performers.

* Godfather’s Pizza CEO. Was asked by Pillsbury to take charge of their Godfather’s Pizza chain (which was on the verge of bankruptcy).  He made it profitable in 14 months.

* In 1988 he led a buyout of the Godfather’s Pizza chain from Pillsbury. He was now the owner of a restaurant chain. Again he reached the top of the ladder of another industry.

* He was also chairman of the National Restaurant Association during this time. This is a group that interacts with government on behalf of the restaurant industry, and it gave him political experience from the non-politician side.

Having reached the top of a second industry, he changed careers again!

* Adviser to the Federal Reserve System. Herman Cain went to work for the Federal Reserve Banking System advising them on how monetary policy changes would affect American businesses.

* Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank. He worked his way up to the chairmanship of a regional Federal Reserve Bank. This is only one step below the chairmanship of the entire Federal Reserve System (the top banking position in the country). This position allowed him to see how monetary policy is made from the inside, and understand the political forces that impact the monetary system.

After reaching the top of the banking industry, he changed careers for a fourth time!

* Writer and public speaker. He then started to write and speak on leadership. His books include “Speak as a Leader”, “CEO of Self”, “Leadership is Common Sense”, and “They Think You’re Stupid”.

* Radio Host. Around 2007—after a remarkable 40-year career—he started hosting a radio show on WSB in Atlanta (the largest talk radio station in the country).

He did all this starting from rock bottom (his father was a chauffeur and his mother was a maid). When you add up his accomplishments in his life, including reaching the top of three unrelated industries (information systems, business management, and banking), you can see that Cain may have the most impressive resume of anyone that has run for the presidency in the last half century.  He knows more about creating jobs and the economy than any of the other candidates running for president. He solves problems.

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