Coming Soon on Fox News, "Dancing with the Candidates"

ESPN uses a link to Politisite in their spoof of the SNL Spoof of the numerous GOP Debates

If you have missed any of the 10 Republican presidential debates so far, I hope you are pumped for the 13 yet to come. Then the winner goes to the playoff round against Barack Obama.

Presidential debates are necessary, but does anyone believe the current multi-candidate multi-event food-fight format generates anything other than sound bites? No enlightenment is emanating from the debates, not even for supporters of the candidates. They’re much more like minor league sporting events than Kennedy-Nixon.

Beyond the silliness of multiple candidates trying to cut each other off, there’s the larger notion that debating success is a proxy for the skills needed to perform in the White House. Debates give voters some indication of a candidate’s ability to remain poised under stress. But that’s all debates show — otherwise they are about deflecting questions, using weasel wording and generating applause lines. The sorts of touches that cause candidates to be seen as “winning” political debates have little to do with governing.

I am not suggesting a return to the Lincoln-Douglas format — a series of seven debates with each candidate speaking for a total of 90 minutes uninterrupted. But there must be a compromise between Lincoln-Douglas and the game-show format of modern cable-carried political debates. The first step is to realize they identify debaters, not leaders.

via TMQ says offensive creativity hasn’t trickled down to short-yardage plays – ESPN.

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