Leaked Executive Memo – Obama May Go Public with Lawmakers' Funding Requests

Here’s a text of the draft executive memo, obtained by National Journal, requiring lawmakers’ special funding requests to be made public.



SUBJECT:      Promoting Merit-Based and Competitive Allocation of Federal Funds

My Administration has repeatedly called for the elimination of
earmarks.  Earmarks threaten the integrity of the lawmaking process,
undermine public confidence in government, and waste taxpayer dollars.
I have therefore called on Congress not to send me legislation
containing earmarks.  In addition, my Office of Management and Budget
(OMB) records legislative earmarks in a publicly available catalogue
of bills containing earmarks

Earmarks written into law or otherwise referenced in legislative
materials are not the only threat to merit-based and competitive
criteria for the use of government funds, however.  Too often, federal
agencies are pressured informally to show special favor to certain
parties or interests in the course of agency decision-making
concerning federal projects, programs, contracts, and grants.
According to some reports, such pressures have increased over the past
year.  Like legislated earmarks, these pressures on agency
decision-making also undermine the neutral application of merit-based
and competitive criteria for the allocation of federal resources.

Accordingly, to implement Executive Order 13457, and to build upon
that Order by providing additional transparency and promoting greater
efficiency in the allocation of federal monies, I direct the
following, effective today and prospectively:

Read the rest Text of Draft Executive Memo – – NationalJournal.com.

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