Super Committee to big to Fail? Nope, Nada, Nyet – Set up to Fail? You Betcha

There is some speculation that the White House wants the Super Committee to fail so that the President can continue his Campaign stump speech  that the Congress is a “Do Nothing” entity and “we can’t wait” for them to act.  The Presidents entire effort to get re-elected is that he says he will act without Congress from the executive branch.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY., today suggested that the White House is pulling for the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, the so-called Super Committee,  to fail because success would step on their storyline of Republican obstructionism.

After leaving the Republicans’ weekly policy luncheon, McConnell was asked about Senator Charles Schumer’s prediction yesterday that the Super Committee would likely fail to strike an agreement on a plan to cut $1.2 trillion to $1.5 trillion from the deficit over the next 10 years “because our Republican colleagues have said no net revenues.”

Responding today, McConnell said Schumer (D-NY), the Democrats’ primary messenger, is indicative of how Democrats and the White House want this committee to fail.

“It’s pretty clear when Chuck Schumer speaks, he’s speaking from the most partisan Democratic position,” McConnell said today. “And it does raise your suspicion that the folks down at the White House are pulling for failure. Because you see, if the Joint Committee succeeds, it steps on the story line that they’ve been peddling, which is that you can’t do anything with the Republicans in Congress.”

via  ABC News.

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