Todd Kincannon: Constitutional litigation with a twist!

When we first “tweeted” with Todd Kincannon we thought he was an intellectual hiding behind class clown antics.  Seems his latest Supreme Court Brief surprised a few folk down in here.

This from FITSnews:

For those of you unfamiliar with Republican attorney Todd Kincannon, he’s probably one of the most unfiltered, politically-incorrect people you’ll ever meet. In fact not too long ago a FITS piece chronicled the general disregard for appropriateness that’s routinely displayed on Kincannon’s widely-read Twitter page.

Imagine our surprise, then, to discover that the state’s most notorious Twitterer has a “soft side,” one that many of the women who recoil at his over-the-top commentary might be surprised to discover exists. In fact, in investigating a trio of recent stories related to the proposed release of a mentally-ill sex offender (here, here and here), we were referred by a prosecutor to a case in which the infamous bad boy of the S.C. bar appears to have been doing the Lord’s work on behalf of women and children in the Palmetto State.

The case was South Carolina v. Hubner (more detail here), and it involved a deacon at Columbia, S.C.’s First Baptist Church who was convicted of molesting several young girls. The Court of Appeals reversed the conviction, but the Supreme Court reinstated it after reading a brief filed by … you guessed it … Todd Kincannon.

Read more at  Todd Kincannon Did What? :: :: FITSNewsFITSNews.

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