How big are those OWS crowds? MSM 'Massive', 'Huge'

Those are two adjectives we don’t remember seeing during Tea party Coverage.

Media Credit: David Shankbone

Substitute ABC anchor David Muir opened Thursday’s World News by hyping “masses of people taking to the streets here in New York City,” before reporter Dan Harris referenced “this massive protest march tonight” and “this big protest.”

Yet over on the CBS Evening News, Jim Axelrod noted how though “organizers promised tens of thousands demonstrators disrupting business as usual here in New York,” they didn’t show up: “Frankly, we’ve seen a fraction of that number — closer to a thousand.”

NBC came in somewhere in between with anchor Brian Williams touting “thousands on the move” and reporter Mike Taibbi acknowledging “the Occupy Wall Street movement had promised huge crowds for its day of action,” then asserting “that prediction finally looked realistic a short time ago. Now some 5,000 protesters, union members and supporters are gathered in Foley Square.”

Since when is a crowd of 5,000 “huge”?

via ABC Hypes ‘Massive’ OWS Protest and NBC Touts ‘Huge Crowds,’ But CBS Sees Just ‘a Thousand’.

Estimating the Crowd Size at Occupy Wall Street – By Greg Pollowitz

So, some guy at Russia Today says they heard a police scanner report and The Atlantic calls it an “official” estimate? From the pictures I’ve seen, the 32,000 number seems incredibly high. For comparison purposes, a little over 45,000 runners finished the New York Marathon in 2010. Here’s what that many people look like when massed on a bridge:

via Estimating the Crowd Size at Occupy Wall Street – By Greg Pollowitz – Media Blog – National Review Online.

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