The Grover Norquist tax myth

The Left must have someone to blame, while the right is all about personally responsibility.  Seems Senator Kerry and Murray had absolutely nothing to do with the failure of the super-committee.

It was ALL the Republicans fought as they are beholden to one greater then them all, that’s right, a living room name, Grover.  Who knew that Grover from Sesame Street was keeping 12 people from Congress from making a deal.

What?  Its not the Grover from Sesame Street?  Who else is so well known that has the name, Grover? Norquist?  Who is that?


Democrats are unanimous in charging that the debt-reduction supercommittee collapsed because Republicans refused to raise taxes. Apparently, Republicans are in the thrall of one Grover Norquist, the anti-tax campaigner, whom Sen. John Kerry called “the 13th member of this committee without being there.” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid helpfully suggested “maybe they should impeach Grover Norquist.”

With that, Norquist officially replaces the Koch brothers as the great malevolent manipulator that controls the republic by pulling unseen strings on behalf of the plutocracy.

Nice theory. Except for the following facts:

●Sen. Tom Coburn last year signed on to the Simpson-Bowles tax reform that would have increased tax revenue by $1 trillion over a decade.

●During the debt-ceiling talks, House Speaker John Boehner agreed to an $800 billion revenue increase as part of a Grand Bargain.

●Supercommittee member Pat Toomey, a Club for Growth Republican, proposed increasing tax revenue by $300 billion as part of $1.2 trillion in debt reduction.

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