Herman Cain Campaign: ‘No Way He’s Dropping Out’

Anytime we get an email from a campaign that says, NO WAY!  It usually means a drop out within days.

Herman Cain was a good ride and the train was conformable until the last few miles.  But from our view, no matter the validity of the allegations, the gaffs and foreign policy missteps have shown us that Cain is not ready for prime time.

We expect a drop out of the race, no matter the last bit of supporters funding, well ahead of Iowa Caucus.

This is to our detriment as we called Cain the South Carolina Winner months ago.  Here is another example of how a day is a thousand years in the politcal world.

So as Meghan McCain and I tossed back and forth our primary winners, I am down two of three as Bachmann will not win Iowa and Cain will not Win South Carolina (meaning I owe six packs of coke to several folks) But we still have Romney pulling out New Hampshire.

Although Herman Cain told his senior staff this morning that he was “reassessing” his campaign’s livelihood in light of an accusation by an Atlanta woman of a 13-year extra-marital affair, Cain’s campaign manager, Mark Block, said in an interview tonight that there is “no way he’s dropping out.”

Block said the term “reassessment” was meant to imply a “strategic reassessment” and “not a reassessment of withdrawing” from the race.

via Herman Cain: ‘No Way He’s Dropping Out,’ Says Campaign Manager – ABC News.

Dear Patriots and Supporters,

As you probably heard yesterday, a troubled Atlanta business woman used national media outlets to promulgate a fabricated, unsubstantiated story about a 13 year affair with me.  I am writing you today to assure you that this woman’s story is completely false.

I do know Ms. White.  I have helped her financially at times over the past few years, just as I have helped many friends and acquaintances throughout the years. I thought Ms. White was a friend in need of a supportive hand to better her life.

Ms. White has made it apparent that she was abusing the friendship.

But now I am asking for your friendship.  I am also asking for your prayers and support. This is a trying time for my family, my campaign, and for me.  It is also a trying time for our country as we are all distracted from the truly important issues facing our nation.

This evening I have an important speaking engagement at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan, where I will be outlining my foreign policy and national security plan.  While recent events have taken a toll on me, the people in the audience this evening will not know it.  I will deliver my message with vigor and enthusiasm.

Let me assure you, I am not deterred.  America’s future is too important. We will continue on this journey to make America great once again.

Thank you and God bless.


Herman Cain

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