NAACP, ACLU to UN to stop Voter ID

You can’t go to a bar with out a picture ID.  Where where those folks fighting for my disfranchisement from drinking Alcohol products when I was 18?  In Georgia, since the voter ID law has been implemented more minorities have voted not less.  I thought the law would cause less to vote?  What happened?  Folks obtained an Identification because the process was made to accommodate all who are voter age.  Seems to us that Democrats and the NAACP have another agenda.

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The concept of one man one vote is essential to the freedoms of the American Republic. Allowing people to vote more than once, or allowing people to vote who by law don’t have that right, partially disenfranchises those Americans who are legally voting. The weight of the legal votes is watered-down by the inclusion of illegal votes. I would argue that protecting the concept of one man one vote should be a top priority of our government.

Progressive politicians and organizations of the progressive persuasion argue that making people prove their eligibility to vote, will suppress voter turnout, especially in the minority community.  But the only minority who will be disenfranchised will be people who have no legal right to vote.

Like most progressive organizations, the NAACP will do just about anything to ban states from requiring ID to vote (or register), so their latest tactic is to get the UN to call the requirement for voter identification, (hold on you may be surprised by this) racist!

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NAACP to petition UN to stop voter-ID legislation in states

Why take this to the UN, though?  The UN has no authority to tell states within the US to pass or not pass laws.  They don’t have the authority to tell the federal government in Washington to do so, either.  They might be able to gin up some public-relations momentum in an attempt to embarrass the states, but it’s only going to impress those people who already buy into the concept that the UN has any moral authority at all — especially its Human Rights Council (with whom the High Commissioner works), which spends most of its time and effort attacking Israel.

The NAACP should spend its time engaging with people who are legitimately concerned about voter fraud and the protection of the value of the franchise to all eligible citizens of the states.  One concern mentioned in this petition is the difficulty in getting state-issued ID because of Jim Crow policies decades ago that kept blacks and other minorities from getting birth certificates.  If this is still a widespread problem, then solve it as part of the necessary reform to secure the vote.  They also complain that states don’t allow felons who have completed their sentences to vote; that’s another issue that can only be solved by local and state action, and not in Geneva, Switzerland.

Instead of complaining to people who have nothing to say about the law of a self-governing people, the NAACP would be better advised to start engaging with their neighbors to find ways to achieve a better result for all of the legitimate voters in their communities, and to protect the value of the votes they want to cast.  A UN petition only makes it look as though they’re interested in grandstanding rather than reaching solutions, and hints that they’d be happier with the imposition of foreign diktats rather than self-governance.  That’s no way to win this argument.

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In fact, after enactment of Indiana’s strict photo identification law in 2006 and Georgia’s in 2007, voter turnout went up – not down.

A study by political scientists Robert Erickson and Lorraine Minnite, who say “our sympathies lie with the plaintiffs in the voter ID cases,” found nevertheless that “the data are not up to the task of making a compelling statistical argument” that voter ID laws deter turnout or have a disproportionate impact on some types of voters.

In fact, after enactment of Indiana’s strict photo identification law in 2006 and Georgia’s in 2007, voter turnout went up – not down.

In Georgia, where voters indicate their race or ethnicity on voter registration forms, the number of African-American voters in the 2008 election increased by more than 40 percent over the 2004 election.

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