Obama will VETO payroll tax bill if it is linked to Jobs bill

Because getting elected is Job 1

Obama, "Have it my way" The Burger King President

It really isn’t about jobs or tax breaks for the poor and middle class, it is about President Obama running on a “do nothing Congress”.  Because when Obama preached that “we can’t Wait”  and pass  a Jobs bills “right away” he meant, He can’t wait to be reelected and please pass on the jobs bill,  so he has something to run on.

Just now, Obama says he will:

veto payroll tax if it is linked to pipeline measure

(CNN) – President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he will veto any attempt by Republicans to link approval of a major oil pipeline from Canada or other unrelated measures with the payroll tax cut extension issue currently before Congress.

via Obama threatens veto of payroll tax linked to pipeline measure

And the left is going wild!

BREAKING: Obama Pledges Veto Of Keystone XL Poison Pill In Payroll Tax Legislation

President Barack Obama said in a press conference with Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who supports connecting Canada’s tar sands to Texas refineries. “If the payroll tax cut is attached to a whole bunch of extraneous issues, then it’s not something that I’m going to accept.”

via BREAKING: Obama Pledges Veto Of Keystone XL Poison Pill In Payroll Tax Legislation 

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  1. Come on, the pipeline measure should be treated as a separate issue. Bundling is an attempt at horse trading for oil interests at the expense of moving forward with clean energy alternatives.