Live chat: ABC Iowa Republican debate

The Des Moines Register will partner with ABC News, local affiliate WOI-TV, Yahoo! and the Republican Party of Iowa to host a debate among Republican presidential candidates from 8-10 p.m. Saturday.

Join a live chat during the debate with the following guests:

    • Tim Hagle, associate professor of political science at the University of Iowa.
    • Steffen Schmidt, professor of political science at Iowa State University, is a featured blogger on politics at
    • Shane Vander Hart, who works in youth ministry, is editor of the Caffeinated Thoughts blog and is a featured blogger on politics at
    • Graham Gillette, a public affairs and communications consultant, worked in the George W. Bush administration but caucused for Barack Obama in 2008. He’s a featured blogger on politics at
    • Dianne Bystrom,

director of the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics at Iowa State University

Go to live chat here  Live chat: ABC Republican debate | Iowa Caucuses.


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Live chat: ABC Iowa Republican debate

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  1. well,diane sawhorse and george stepped in it were consistant with what you’d expect from the lame stream media. they are all in the tank for a lard ass darkie and her spouse ,obambi. they didn’t learn from the gold standard debate of mike huckabee. they started out ok and then as expected allowed,even encouraged the contestants to go at each other. and when they didn’t go at each other they spewed thier stump speals. probabably the worst yet. these barely useful encounters are not true debates in the classic sense. they can’t be. so we get the next best thing.q and a and hope for some meaningful insights from the respondents. the lame stream’s bias and that of fox are evident. huckabee and the attournys general set the standard. the rest pale in their lite.

    rag in n.c.