Pub Politics Christmas Challenge for Carolina Children’s Home

Politisite and Iron Mill News ask that you give to the Carolina Children’s Home during the Pub Politics Challenge.

We ask that our readers give and ask that all our competitor political websites give to the Carolina Children’s Home. Donations will be accepted on-site, but if you can’t make it, please give today here –

Democrat Phil Bailey and Republican Wesley Donehue are putting politics aside and teaming up for a little friendly competition this Christmas season to raise money for the Carolina Children’s Home. The question is, who will raise more?

Come out to Pub Politics Episode 84 on December 14th at 6pm at The Whig to listen to our special guest Mayor Steve Benjamin and witness the revelation of the fundraising results.  Donations will still be accepted on-site, but is where you can donate now, and support Wesley or Phil to see who can raise more!

Steve Benjamin was elected the mayor of Columbia in April 2010 in an election that saw  a record turnout from Columbia voters. Mayor Benjamin has been heavily involved with the community, both before and after his election, and has started several initiatives to help Columbia grow to the next level.

Carolina Children’s Home provides group home services for children aged 6-21, focusing on relationships, mentoring, and behavioral development. It helps to alleviate the misfortune that some of these children have experienced and allows for personal growth and development.

We look forward to making this fundraiser and this episode the most successful the one of the year. Please donate now to help us!

Pub Politics Episode 83: Mile High with Rep. Nathan Ballentine

Pub Politics is a weekly online show where Wesley Donehue, a political and web strategist, and Phil Bailey, director of the SC Senate Democratic Caucus, meet at local pubs to discuss politics with elected officials, members of the media, and other politically connected individuals.


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Wesley’s Christmas Campaign Challenge – YouTube

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