Tea Party Patriots Co-founder arrested on gun charge at NY airport

Here is a title you will never see in CNN or any other Mainstream media outlet.  “Occupy Wall street Leader arrested on Gun Charges.” 

Here is an interesting observation.  One can bring a locked hand gun to an airport, declare it, and have it sealed and processed for transportation.  Mark Meckler  forgot he wasn’t really in the United States of America with a Second Amendment while in New York City.

Is the Airport that is controlled by Federal Government employees a State or Federal jurisdiction?  But of course you won’t get a report on the complexities of the second amendment and the ability to keep and bear arms.  What you get is a snarky headline that alludes that the tea party is as lawless as the Occupy movement they ignore.

Ultimately Meckler will be shown to have made a procedural error as the ever changing airline rules are vague.

Interesting,  today was the 220 year anniversary that the Bill or Rights was put to paper

New York (CNN) — Prosecutors announced Thursday that a leader of a Tea Party group was arrested at New York’s LaGuardia Airport while in possession of a handgun.

Mark Meckler, whom prosecutors described as a co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, was detained Thursday morning during preflight check-in, according to a Queens District attorney statement.

Meckler told a Delta Airlines ticket agent about the Glock 27 pistol, which was in a locked gun box alongside more than a dozen 9 mm cartridges, the statement said.

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Tea-Party Leader Arrested on Gun Charge – WSJ.com

Mr. Meckler told police that the weapon was registered in California and showed them his pistol permit. He told officers he arrived in New York last Sunday and that he carries the gun because he receives threats, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.

Since Mr. Meckler did not have a New York pistol carry permit, police arrested him on a charge of criminal possession of a weapon, Mr. Brown said. Mr. Meckler was released without having to post bail after being arraigned Thursday afternoon. He couldn’t be reached for comment, and district attorney officials said they had no attorney information for him.

Spokesman Kevin Ryan said the Queens District Attorney’s Office, which has jurisdiction over both the city’s major airports, handles approximate 50 to 60 cases of airline passengers transporting weapons licensed in places other than New York a year. The gun charge is a Class C felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

However, “if the weapon is not illegal and the person can prove that they are duly licensed to possess the weapon in their state, then they could walk away with just a violation [a non-criminal offense with a fine].

via Tea-Party Leader Arrested on Gun Charge – WSJ.com.


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