Big Obama donor cashed in on stimulus Green Energy, Sold Biofuel back to the Government for $25.00 a gallon

Anyone notice the left harping that even though Newt Gingrich did not meet the legal definition of a lobbyist, he really was influence peddling in DC, but the same media types have not connected the dots to Obama Bundlers Lobbying the White House for Stimulus Money.  One even wrote part of the Stimulus bill.  But that isn’t lobbying… not really.  That’s because, if you remember correctly, Obama stayed out of the stimulus bill process.  Seems His bundler got millions and sold bio fuel back to the government for 25 dollars a gallon.  But Obama doesn’t do that Washington thing…. He does it Chicago style.

Anyone remember Nancy Pelosi’s “Most ethical Congress in History”?  Seems to us that the Obama Administration used the Speaker to do his dirty work on the Stimulus to keep his hands clean enough to say he was hands off.

Now do you understand the reason Obama doesn’t want the keystone Pipeline even though it would provide 100,000 jobs?  He really doesn’t care about THOSE jobs, he care about his job and the Jobs for those who provide him will the billion dollars he needs to get reelected.

Now we could be wrong, but like the heavens and the earth, these things don’t all come together by chance alone, they need some type of design and a designer.

The founder of an energy company that benefited from deals involving hundreds of millions in “stimulus” money made the maximum donation allowable to President Obama’s inauguration, WND has learned.

Peter L. Corsell, founder of GridPoint Inc., contributed $50,000 to the inauguration.

Corsell served as the Gridpoint’s chief executive officer from the company’s inception until transitioning to the position of non-executive chairman in October, 2010.

Yesterday, KleinOnline broke the story that an Obama adviser who played a key role in developing the energy provisions of the so-called stimulus bill serves on the boards of Gridpoint as well as several other companies that recently received government funds, including “stimulus” money.

TJ Glauthier served on Obama’s 2008 White House Transition Team. He is widely credited with helping to craft the energy provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, also known as the “stimulus.”

In addition to serving on the boards of major energy companies, Glauthier previously held two presidential appointments during the Clinton administration.

He was the Energy Department’s deputy secretary and chief operating officer, the second-highest ranking official.

Earlier, he served in the White House for five years as the associate director for natural resources, energy and science in the Office of Management and Budget.

Glauthier is tied to several energy companies that benefited from the “stimulus” bill he helped to craft.

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Green bundler with the golden touch | iWatch News

In connecting green technology startups with government money, Silicon Valley venture capitalist Steve Westly boasts of a special touch.

“We believe that with the Obama administration, and other governments … committing hundreds of billions of dollars to clean tech, there has never been a better time to launch clean tech companies,” says his company website. “The Westly Group is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this surge of interest and growth.”

Uniquely positioned, indeed.

One of President Barack Obama’s most prolific fundraisers, Westly was among guests at January’s state dinner for the president of China. A month later, he dined with Obama again at an exclusive San Francisco Bay area gathering for prominent high tech CEOs, including the leaders of Facebook, Google and Apple.

He visits White House staff and, as a member of a government advisory board on energy policy, has the ear of Energy Secretary Steven Chu, whose department hands out the sort of seed money sought by companies in The Westly Group portfolio. He even has hosted the president at fundraisers in his Northern California home, and co-hosted events for three of Obama’s most influential advisors.

All the while, Westly’s four-year-old green business has boomed. Since June 2009, four companies in his venture firm’s portfolio have received more than half a billion dollars in loans, grants or stimulus money from the Obama Energy Department, a review by the Center for Public Integrity and ABC News has found.

Relatively few companies succeed in winning such benefits. More than 90 percent of applicants have failed to secure funding in two programs benefiting three Westly-backed firms. Securing government aid helps attract investors and can make corporate stars of even small startups. Funding for The Westly Group firms occurred prior to his joining the government advisory board, though an Obama administration proposal after Westly’s appointment immediately boosted the stock price of one company.

Westly’s ability to straddle the worlds of big time fundraising, government advising and private financing for startup companies tells a larger story about how business and politicking intertwine at an Energy Department flush with $35 billion in stimulus money.

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Bundlers on the inside of the Obama Adminsitartion

Several of Barack Obama’s top campaign supporters went from soliciting political contributions to working from within the Energy Department as it showered billions in taxpayer-backed stimulus money on alternative energy firms, iWatch News and ABC News have learned.

One of them was Steven J. Spinner, a high-tech consultant and investor in energy companies who raised at least $500,000 for Obama. He became one of Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s key loan programs advisors while his wife’s law firm represented a number of the companies that had applied for loans.

Recovery Act records show Allison Spinner’s law firm, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, received $2.4 million in federal funds for legal fees related to the $535 million Energy Department loan guarantee to Solyndra, a solar company whose financial meltdown has prompted multiple investigations. She pledged to take no portion of the money and did not work on the loan applications.

As House Republicans step up their probe of the Obama administration’s green energy loan program in the wake of Solyndra’s bankruptcy, a key focus – and open question – is whether the president’s political supporters had any hand in influencing which companies received the taxpayer support.

“There is great concern over political influence contaminating the DOE loan guarantee program,” said Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla), who chairs the House Energy and Commerce’s Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee. “The prevalence of fundraisers and bundlers scattered throughout DOE is cause for alarm and is a subject our investigation does not take lightly – we are looking into this and will see where it leads us.”

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Obama ‘Bundlers’ Have Ties to Lobbying –

Likewise, Andy Spahn, owner of a government relations company in Los Angeles, tells visitors to his Web site about its “extensive relationships in Washington, D.C.,” and elsewhere in advocating for “high net-worth individuals,” corporations, nonprofit groups and others.

Mr. Spahn, who made his name doing lobbying work for DreamWorks film studio and was appointed by Mr. Obama to a presidential committee on the arts, has raised at least $500,000 for the president’s re-election.

And Michael Kempner, who has also brought in at least $500,000 for the campaign, runs a team of Washington lobbyists at his New Jersey firm, MWW Group, who, according to its promotional material, use their “important relationships with both the Democratic and Republican leadership” to wield influence for their private sector clients.

Seven of the lobbyists he employs are registered in Washington, but Mr. Kempner, the chief executive at the firm, is not.

The Obama campaign declined requests to discuss specific fund-raisers and their ties to lobbying work.

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