Des Moines Register Editorial Board Meeting with Newt Gingrich – Full Video

Opinion-Editorial by Albert N.  Milliron

Our View? We thank that editorial boards around the country who are pro Obama will do whatever it takes to keep this man, Newt Gingrich, from debating President Obama. President Obama has not the skills nor the intellect to compare with this man in a question by question debate by any group of moderators.

As seen here, Gingrich has full command of the Q&A. This video us worth a watch to anyone who was [politically active in the early 90s, who came to the conclusion that Gingrich is a loose canon.

From where we sit, intellectuals often have thoughts and ideas that are not practical.  It is called Brainstorming.  They are spoken,  written down and evaluated in an over all attempt at problem solving. We all  learned this skill in critical thinking courses in college.  In most cases those impractical thought are thrown away and not returned to.  Today, we have the internet.  A thought put to paper is not judged on the context and process, but on the content alone.

Newt got things done under a Moderate Democrat President. One should not condemn the skill required to obtain the signature of a President that included a balanced budget, welfare reform, and most of the Contract with America.

The question one should ask, do we want 4 years of the same gridlock or do we want a President who can work with a polarizing Congress to get things done.

Will Conservatives get everything they want? No. Ronald Reagan said, if you can get 80% of what you want, take the deal. Today we have Tea party Republicans who are not satisfied with eighty percent.  Therefore, they get nothing at all.  Some in the Tea party groups have revised Reagan, and realize that he could see the Forrest through the trees and took deals that he could obtain not fantasize about a perfect political world.

Is Gingrich Perfect? No!  Is he 80 percent of what you want?  That is for you to decide.  From our pages, one knows we do not endorse candidates during a primary.  We do an will present both sides of the coin.  That is the reason you will fin both positive and negative stories on each candidate in the race.

It would be poor judgement to place bets on which candidate or political party this writer supports.


Des Moines Register Editorial Meeting with Newt Gingrich

Republican 2012 presidential candidate Newt Gingrich was interviewed by Des Moines Register editorial board members. He talked about his campaign goals, policy agenda, and the rest of the Republican candidate field.

via [Des Moines Register] Editorial Meeting with Newt Gingrich – C-SPAN Video Library.


Video: Newt Gingrich with the Des Moines Register


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