The “Dear Leader” Kim Jong il is dead – Update Notice of National Funeral Committee

UPDATE 16: KCNA has published some additional information in English:

Notice of National Funeral Committee

Pyongyang, December 19 (KCNA) — The National Funeral Committee released a following notice on Saturday:

It notifies that it decided as follows so that the whole party, army and people can express the most profound regret at the demise of leader Kim Jong Il and mourn him in deep reverence:

His bier will be placed at the Kumsusan Memorial Palace.

Mourning period will be set from Dec. 17 to 29, Juche 100 (2011) and mourners will be received from Dec. 20 to 27.

A farewell-bidding ceremony will be solemnly held in Pyongyang on Dec. 28.

A national memorial service for Kim Jong Il will be held on Dec. 29.

Mourning guns will be boomed in Pyongyang and in provincial seats timed to coincide with the national memorial service in Pyongyang and all the people will observe three minutes’ silence and all locomotives and vessels will blow sirens all at once.

All institutions and enterprises across the country will hold mourning events during the mourning period and all provinces, cities and counties will hold memorial services timed to coincide with the national memorial service in Pyongyang.

The institutions and enterprises will hoist flags at half-mast and musical and all other entertainments will be refrained.

Foreign mourning delegations will not be received.

UPDATE 15: Yonhap offers a translation/summary of a KCNA story (조선의 군대와 인민들 김정은동지의 령도를 받들것을 맹세) not yet published in English:

N. Korean military, people pledge to follow Kim Jong-un’s leadership: KCNA

SEOUL, Dec. 19 (Yonhap) — The North Korean military and people have pledged to follow the leadership of the late leader’s heir apparent Kim Jong-un to carry on the legacy of the communist state, its state media said Monday, amid growing uncertainty over the power transition.

The North’s state media reported earlier in the day that 69-year-old Kim Jong-il died of a heart attack two days earlier. Following that announcement, regional powers are paying close attention to whether Kim’s youngest son and heir apparent Jong-un, aged in his late 20s, would successfully take the helm of the impoverished communist state.

“Ten million (North Korean) soldiers and the people are in indescribable grief, after receiving the sad news that comrade Kim Jong-il has died,” the North’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said. “At this point, faithful belief, optimism and a determined pledge for victory are taking firm root in people’s hearts.”

The report came hours after Pyongyang urged North Korean soldiers and citizens to remain loyal to the guidance of the new leader and turn “sorrow into strength and courage to overcome the present difficulties and work harder for a fresh great victory.”

via North Korean Economy Watch.

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