Gary Johnson Drops GOP Bid to run as Libertarian

We don’t blame him, he was snubbed by the GOP and denied debates when he was polling at same rates as the minor candidates.  At the same time, Johnson is not a Republican, He is a Libertarian.

Many Libertarians end up in the GOP due to it being a power and money party that can move one along.  He would have never become New Mexico Governor as a Libertarian.

Outlook  If Ron Paul is not the nominee and doesn’t run as a third party candidate, Gary Johnson could get those votes.  This could cost the GOP the Presidency. Governor Johnson will announce his intention to run as a Libertarian on December 28

There have been rumors circulating for a month or so now that former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson was considering leaving the Republican race for the Presidency, where he’s been virtually ignored, and run for the Libertarian Party nomination instead. Now, it appears that may be closer to reality:

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson will drop out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination and instead seek to run as a Libertarian, according to the Independent Political Report.

The switch, which has been rumored for weeks, is set to be announced Tuesday.

Johnson’s announcement comes as another Libertarian-minded candidate — Texas congressman Ron Paul — has pulled to within one percentage point of front-runner Newt Gingrich in Iowa, according to a poll released Tuesday by Public Policy Polling. But Johnson has never been able to gain traction in the GOP race, having only been invited to two debates.

Discussing the possible move late last month, Johnson told KOB Eyewitness News that the party had been unwilling to help him get included in the debates or polls.

“From what I see and hear on the ground, I think a lot more people embrace this message than not, and the Republicans certainly aren’t even letting me be heard,” Johnson said.

But Johnson believes his message could be better championed as the Libertarian candidate.

“The message wouldn’t be changing at all,” Johnson said. “It’s just a message that hasn’t gotten heard. Really, I feel pretty put off by the process and by Republicans not standing for me … just being in the polls to determine whether or not I should be in the debates or not.”

via Report: Gary Johnson To Leave GOP Race, Join Libertarian Party

News Conference in Santa Fe, NM 10AM MST December 28th, 2011

Governor Johnson will be holding a News Conference on December 28th, 2011 at 10AM MST. It will be held at the Santa Fe, NM State Capital building, in the Rotunda. We look forward to seeing you in attendance. If you do come, please contact the Marriott Courtyard Santa Fe at (505) 473-2800 and tell them you’re with Gary Johnson and get a discounted room rate beginning on the 27th.

If you are unable to make it, it will be streamed live on or

via News Conference in Santa Fe, NM 10AM MST | Facebook.

Johnson also sent this letter to Supporters

Dissatisfied Republicans? Really?

“Republicans are growing significantly less satisfied with the field of candidates to challenge President Barack Obama next year….”

Does that statement, published just last week, in the article by RealClearPolitics surprise anyone? Thanks to the national news media and a process rigged to protect the status quo, too many Americans have been convinced that their only choices in 2012 will be reelecting President Obama or electing a Republican who will offer just a slightly different version of the same business-as-usual that has brought us to the brink of financial disaster.

The resulting polls, such as the one RealClearPolitics wrote about, are showing a full 40% of Republican voters are NOT satisfied with the Republican field – or what the media has told them the Republican field is. That is far more Republicans than are supporting any of the so-called “leading” candidates.

Of course, those same voters don’t know that one of their choices is a successful two-term governor who vetoed 750 bills because they either cost too much or would expand government too much. They don’t know that one of their choices actually believes government should protect liberty and individual freedom – not dictate and regulate everything we do. And they don’t know that there is a candidate who won’t get us into wars we can’t afford and shouldn’t fight.

They don’t know those things because they don’t know about me, Gary Johnson.

Show your support by going to: Gary Johnson

But what about the voters who DO know me? Public Policy Polling just did a survey that has the Internet buzzing. Why? Because it shows that, in New Mexico, I would be a significant factor in the presidential race next year – remarkably drawing support from not only Republicans, but the Democrats and Independents who elected Barack Obama.

In the past two weeks, I have spoken to and met with Republican organizations, Tea Party groups, libertarian gatherings, and yes, ‘liberals’, and they are ALL looking for a leader they are not finding in the White House nor on Face the Nation.

I am more convinced than ever that I can be that leader – with your help. Show your support by going to: Gary Johnson

I know the Holidays are upon us, and we are all busy. As it should be, our attention is on our families and friends. However, the business of the nation doesn’t stop, and neither does the task of getting our message to every American we can reach. Watch your inbox in the next few days for very important news about our campaign and the dramatic steps we will be taking to make absolutely certain America has a real choice in 2012.

This fight has just begun, and with your continued support, millions of Americans who don’t yet know Gary Johnson will soon have a chance to see that politics-as-usual doesn’t have to continue.

We can do this. Please take a moment to put good government and liberty on your Holiday list by making a much-needed contribution and allowing us to give America the choice it so desperately wants.

Show your support by going to: Gary Johnson

Thanks for your friendship and your support – and don’t forget to watch your inbox for important campaign news in days to come.

Thank you!


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