Liberals now say Politifact is Pants on Fire why? See Politifact lie of the Year

After our being linked  by Politifact this year as being nonfactual and our consequential attack that Politifact is not always Factual.  Politifact puts out it’s 2011 Lie of the year, and it is not on us or the GOP.  It is the Democrat Big Lie of 2011.  The air smells a little sweeter today.

So the liberal punditry woke up today to find that PolitiFact has declared the “Lie of the Year” to be Democrats’s claim that Paul Ryan’s budget will “end Medicare” or “end Medicare as we know it.” They’re having quite the collective freakout—see Paul Krugman, Jonathan Chait, Matt Yglesias, Brian Beutler, Steve Benen, et al.

And, believe it or not, I actually think they have a point. I also seem to recall that someone recently made a compelling case that media fact checks are really an excuse to make blatant opining appear credible by gussying it up as psuedo-scientific empiricism.

via Liberal Pundits Shocked to Discover PolitiFact Not Always Factual | The Weekly Standard.

PolitiFact  Lie of the Year 2011: ‘Republicans voted to end Medicare’

Republicans muscled a budget through the House of Representatives in April that they said would take an important step toward reducing the federal deficit. Introduced by U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the plan kept Medicare intact for people 55 or older, but dramatically changed the program for everyone else by privatizing it and providing government subsidies.

Democrats pounced. Just four days after the party-line vote, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a Web ad that said seniors will have to pay $12,500 more for health care “because Republicans voted to end Medicare.”

Rep. Steve Israel of New York, head of the DCCC, appeared on cable news shows and declared that Republicans voted to “terminate Medicare.” A Web video from the Agenda Project, a liberal group, said the plan would leave the country “without Medicare” and showed a Ryan look-alike pushing an old woman in a wheelchair off a cliff. And just last month, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sent a fundraising appeal that said: “House Republicans’ vote to end Medicare is a shameful act of betrayal.”

via PolitiFact | Lie of the Year 2011: ‘Republicans voted to end Medicare’.


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