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I guess water is in short supply and certainly no artificial tears available. These Mourners can be seen Wailing loudly but not one tear is seen as the camera pans the crowd. What North Koreans don’t cry?

In ancient Rome each funeral had professional mourners who were paid to cry as they followed the funeral processional through the best streets and roads of the world of antiquity. As the funeral dirge melodiously echoed throughout the city, the paid mourners could be heard weeping and wailing similar to the lady on “Good Times” who cried at the death of people whether she knew them or not. This was a death rite of passage in the world of the past. The most famous and largest being the procession that moved Caesar Augustus’ body from Nola where he died on August 19, 14AD to the heartbeat of Rome which was the ancient Forum whose ruins now lie neatly compacted in downtown Rome on the Via dei Fori Imperali.

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Kim Jong il Lying in State

North Korea has been urged to follow “the path of peace” as national TV showed pictures of the body of Kim Jong-il lying in state.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called for a stable transition to the new leadership following the dictator’s death

However, with many experts predicting an internal power struggle, North Korea could pose an even bigger menace to its neighbors and the world.

In the country he ruled for 17 years they called him “Our Father”, “the Dear Leader” and the “Great Successor To The Revolutionary Cause”.

George W Bush said his dictatorship was one part of the Axis of Evil, while films like Team America saw Hollywood mock him as a lonely misfit filled with self-pity.

We will never know exactly how Kim Jong-il saw himself, but to most of the world he was an old-fashioned tyrant – living in luxury while his people starved to death, presiding over a state that shamelessly engaged in criminal activities and threatening his neighbors with nuclear destruction.

via Kim Jong-il Death: Kim Jong-un Anointed Heir But Power Struggle Could Be Sparked By Dictator’s Death | World News | Sky News.

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