Job: A Postmodern Opera of Biblical Proportions by Don Harris

I would like to recommend that our readers check out this project.  It is the Story of Job in the Bible put to  Music.  I had the pleasure of being the sound engineer early on for this project.

Having been in the Music Business in the Late 70s and early 80s as a Concert promoter, Recording engineer,  and Radio DJ, I was simply blown away by this project.

Politisite has pledged our financial support  to this project.   Please read the rest of this article as written by the Writer of the Opera, Don Harris,  and consider helping them reach their financial goal of 10,000 dollars.  If you do give, please mention and we will make additional financial contributions to the project.

The story of Job has been called the most difficult book of all the Hebrew and Christian sacred literature as well as the most beautiful work of poetic literature in all of ancient and modern times. The story itself is believed to be one of the oldest stories in the world. It tells the story of a man who by all accounts was the richest and most righteous man “in all the east”. Until one day he lost just about everything he had. His means of income was depleted, his health was destroyed, and all ten of his children were killed.

In the opera we have written, we have not changed the story to make it say something it doesn’t say, nor have we tried to make it profess any particular religious viewpoint. What we have done is to lay flesh and bones onto the sometimes two-dimensional portraits we’ve been given… to make the characters real and their feelings, actions, hopes and fears believable. You’ll not only get a better understanding of Job’s nameless wife, who told him he should “curse God and die”, but also a lively accounting of the satan and his machinations… not to mention a rousing round of debates between Job and his friends and a bunch of townspeople you may even think you recognize. The music is original, eclectic, and exciting; each song moving you through the story at an amazing, transfixing pace. It includes a bit of classical, a pinch of operatic oratorio, a healthy heaping of pop, and a tasty seasoning of blues and country.

Suzanne and I, along with those who have joined with us in The Company of Job, have been working on this opera and performing various parts of it for the last six years, but this will be our first performance with stage sets, costumes, and lighting design. We sincerely look forward to performing “Job: a Postmodern Opera of Biblical Proportions” for YOU.

Please go to this site to support  Job: A Postmodern Opera of Biblical Proportions by Don Harris — Kickstarter.

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