Gingrich interrupted by occupy protesters at press conference – YouTube

So “this is what democracy looks like”?  Mob rule.  Folks forget we live in a Republic.  How is it that the Left is champions of the First Amendment as long as they are the ones speaking?

Gingrich interrupted by occupy protesters at press conference

via Gingrich interrupted by occupy protesters at press conference – YouTube.

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  1. Question: How in the world does 6 people shouting=a mob? Have you coined a new definition of the word mob? It looks like you have. Now a group of 7th graders yelling at lunchtime can be considered a mob.

    Ahh….how wise you are.

    Also, in regards to the Left being champions “if they are the ones speaking”. WTF? Newt has access to countless hours of media both in print and on video. If he misses a sentence here he can make it up on CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS….you get the idea. No on is gagging him and preventing him to speak.

    What is happening is that people who don’t have access to major media stations and do not have the money or family connections to get a face to face sit down with Newt are using their 1st Amendment Right to get their point across to Newt in the only way they can. They are not forbidding Newt to speak ever again or making Newt restrain his opinions. They are simply interrupting him so that he and his supporters can hear them probably for the first time in their Republican lives.