Former WABC Progressive Talkshow host Lynn Samuels dies Christmas Eve at 69

Editors Note: Lynn Samuels was one ‘of a kind’.  She has the ability to make a conservative flaming angry but never held the Liberal party line.  She was a free thinker who had enough criticism to go around no matter what position your found yourself on the political spectrum.

Credit: New York Daily News

She was heard late at night on 770 WABC New York all through the east coast.  She ended up on Sirrus XM Radio Progressive XM Stars where she was able to set her tongue free.

A little known fact about Samuels was her call screener for a time was  was Matt Drudge.

The radio waves will be a bit quieter, but even this writer will miss her distinctive New York  voice,  as we often tuned in to hear what Lynn was saying provocative.

Years ago, when she was a left wing host on WABC, Lynn Samuels used to do a change-of-pace Christmas Eve show in which, among other things, she invited listeners to sing Christmas carols.

This year on Christmas Eve, Samuels died. She was 69.

No cause of death was immediately announced. Her body was discovered after she failed to report for her 10 a.m. Saturday show at Sirius XM radio and the company asked police to go to her Woodside, Queens, home.

On the radio, Samuels was exactly what much of the country thinks New York sounds like. She had a city accent she never tried to hide or soften, even when her bosses suggested it would prevent her from ever getting a radio job outside the city.

“This is who I am,” she said.

“She was unique beyond words,” said John Mainelli, her WABC program director and longtime friend. “I’m so glad I knew her.”

Samuels was a self-described progressive who often threw curveballs. She was a long-standing critic of President Obama, saying she didn’t believe he ever really had progressive credentials.

Her periodic unpredictability didn’t serve her well in today’s party-line talk radio, but helped give her a long run in the earlier, looser talk era.

Her criticism of conservatives often extended to her fellow radio hosts, but she would add that she liked a number of them personally. She became close friends with conservative host and writer Matt Drudge, serving for a time as his call screener.

 Lynn Samuels, veteran talk radio personality, has reportedly died |

Her onetime colleague at WABC, New York (770), Mark Simone, posted this tweet on Christmas Eve: “Very sad news to report – Long time NYC radio host, heard for years on WABC, Lynn Samuels has passed away.” More recently, Samuels had been heard on Sirius XM, doing the show from her home in Woodside, Queens. A second poster on the New York Board of says that “When she missed her Saturday morning 10:00am cue, Sirius management sent police to her apartment, where they found her dead.”

via News : Lynn Samuels, veteran talk radio personality, has reportedly died |

Lynn Samuels, 1942 – 2011

Samuels began her radio career donating her time doing office work at far-left station WBAI 99.5 FM in the late seventies. She quickly got her own late-night show at the station in 1979, where she developed her voice as a host. Her signature Queens accent and unusual take on things drew a loyal listener base. Samuels was a noted pioneer in free-form talk radio, and was able to seamlessly bounce from hard politics to the musings of her everyday life without losing her audience. The Right Perspective‘s Frank from Queens was an in-studio guest and frequent caller to her show, despite their polar-opposite political views.

The progressive talker was an odd choice for WABC 77AM to add to its lineup in 1987. It was then when Program Director John Mainelli was building a station that would define talk radio to this very day. Rush Limbaugh, an unknown at the time, was also starting out with a local show for two hours, from noon to 2pm. Lynn was picked to be his unlikely lead-in, and the two debated politics at times on the air.

via Lynn Samuels, 1942 – 2011.

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  1. A little known fact about Samuels was her call screener for a time was was Matt Drudge.

    It was a little known fact only to those who weren’t listeners of Lynn.