Watch Ron Paul interview with Iranian state TV, bashes Israel, defends Hamas – YouTube

on Jan 5 2009 Ron Paul conducted an interview with Iranian state owned English language propaganda channel, Press TV, where he urges ending support of Israel, defends Hamas and tactics of suicide bombing, states that Hamas is innocent and the Israeli state are the aggressors.” to me i look at it like it’s a concentration camp, and people are making bombs, like, they’re the aggressors?”

via Ron Paul does interview with Iranian state TV, bashes Israel, defends Hamas – YouTube.

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  1. What the hell is wrong with telling it like it is? I would much rather hear the truth: that he personally wants to back them but thats obviously for religious reasons, but he understands that politically its not a good idea. Thats a major part of separation of church and state that our nation has forgotten. When Ron Paul is supposed to be the most Christian our of the candidates he sure sidelines his beliefs for the law more than any other candidate and I think that is why he is the best choice. Why keep polishing a turd? Just flush the crap and and clean the bowl. And by that I mean FLUSH THE TURD AND CLEAN THE BOWL! That should be his campaign slogan.

  2. I did not hear him say that Israel were the aggressors! He said he wants to stay out of the problem, which is 100% as it should be.
    You are a disgrace for headlining a video with made up quotes.