President Obama’s Hawaii Vacation Will Cost Taxpayers $4 Million

Our out of touch President Obama still doesn’t get it.  The right thinks President’s need time off as the stress of being President is enormous.  The issue is that President Bush and Reagan took time off at their Ranches that cost Taxpayers very little.

Like Military personnel , Obama should spend his Holidays in his Home of Record. Chicago, Illinois.  He could pay for his relatives to visit him.

Compare the cost of this President to other Presidents and one will see that the Obamas don’t have a clue what average Americans are going through, they don’t even try.

It’s expensive for the President of the United States to take a vacation, so expensive in fact that the Obama family vacation is expected to cost taxpayers $4 million.

While the exact cost of the trip has not been revealed the estimated cost of flying Air Force One is $181,757 per hour, making the cost of the flight by itself $3,271,622. The Hawaiian Reporter also points out that Michelle Obama’s early flight aboard a military plane cost an additional $100,000.

While the cost for a Presidential vacation (which Obama extended by three days) may seem high that’s because it’s slightly more than trips in the past due to the higher cost of jet fuel and overall operation costs.

As would be expected the vacation has drawn plenty of criticism from conservative websites who have blasted the President for his use of vacation time. It should be noted however that according to nonpartisan reporting website President George W. Bush spent 1,020 days during  his time as president on vacation (510 days per term – Bush spent 487 days at Camp David, 490 days at his Crawford ranch, and 43 days at his family compound in Kennebunkport, Maine.). John F. Kennedy in the meantime spent 1,000 days away from the White House.

In contrast President Obama spent just 26 days on vacation during his first year in office, less than the previous three Republican Presidents but more than Democratic leaders Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

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