John Bolton and DeMint backers endorses Mitt Romney

As each state comes up for their Primary or caucus, strategic endorsements come out for each candidate.  In South Carolina, Mitt Romney already had the Republican Governor Nikki Haley in his column.  This evening Defense conservative John Bolton came out in support of Romney as well as some of Senator Jim DeMints operatives.

Romney has already achieved an unprecedented feat, gaining both an Iowa and New Hampshire win.  But in Republican politics, South Carolina is the state that actually has picked the eventual nominee.

You hear commentators talk about Conservative South Carolina this and fundamentalist Bible Belt voters that the entire time the media is here.  But when it is all said and done, South Carolina knows which candidate is palatable to the rest of the nation.

So certain conservatives are begingin to throw support behind a candidate that is less than perfect as a conservative, to send a message to the voter, Romney is O.K.with us and should be to you as well.  For is Romney wins here, it doesn;t seem like anything or anyone can stop him from becoming the nominess.

Frankly, I am shocked that other candidates have not dropped out.

John Bolton – “He’s conservative enough for me” Video at The Right Scoop


DeMint advisers to endorse Romney



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  1. Huge Bolton fan on defense, but man did he get this one wrong- bad timing to say the least

    Mitt’s in decline, as Newt’s (counter) attack ads start to bite: Romney’s only up 2 pts in SC in the latest poll, and Gingrich is out front in NC already- the day’s soon coming when Romney regrets forcing the doughboy to go nuclear.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right Mittens?

    ha ha ha ha ha