CBS Media Bias: Only ‘Pro-Choice Activists’ Showed Up For Roe Anniversary

One way the left-leaning media like to downplay the annual March for Life is to play up how both sides of the abortion debate showed up in Washington, DC to mark the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, when the reality of the matter is that hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers outnumber their opponents by a very large margin every year.

On Monday, CBS’s local site for the DC area took that form of bias to another level. Their photo essay, titled “Activists Hold Annual March For Life On Roe v. Wade Anniversary,” completely left out the March for Life participants. Instead, the outlet put up seven photos of the handful of “pro-choice” demonstrators that showed up in front of the Supreme Court.

Shot by Matthew Balan of Pro-Abortion Demonstrators at Supreme Court, Washington DC, 23 January 2012The website didn’t even show the most extreme message from the pro-abortion activists: a banner which proclaimed, “Good Women Have Abortions” (I Tweeted a picture which I took of that banner here, as I took part in the March for Life on Monday; also, see picture at right). They did, however, show another radical slogan that they put on signs and stickers: “Abortion On Demand Without Apology.”

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