Keystone XL and Obama’s Subjugation Economics

While one of our EditorsKarl Gotthardt, covers The Keystone XL Pipeline extensively, we thought we would add to his insight from the “Great White North” with this article from our friends at The American Thinker

Are there some days you want to say to liberals: “I want a divorce.  You take both coasts, the college towns, and we’ll divvy up the Blue States (or carve out regions within those states, lest conservatives are forsaken).” 

President Barack Obama’s decision to nix the Keystone XL pipeline was one of those days when divorce seemed more sensible than attempting reconciliation.  The president’s Keystone decision is yet another in a long train of affronts, insults, and harm that the left has inflicted on the American economy and the American worker.  We’re talking decades-worth of assaults on free enterprise and the enterprising — you know, the enterprising: the men and women who create jobs.

What needs to be appreciated is that, concerning Keystone, Mr. Obama and the left aren’t just blinkered ideologues with good intentions.  Seriously, how can the president not know that stopping the Keystone XL pipeline will cost thousands of jobs along with many collateral economic benefits to the nation?  Doesn’t Keystone equal improved energy independence and doesn’t that consideration cross Mr. Obama’s radar?  On both counts, yes.  Mr. Obama isn’t a useful idiot; he’s a user of idiots.  

What Mr. Obama and the left are engaged in is an ongoing war of aggression against the nation’s Heartland and traditional America everywhere.  The left’s aim in stopping Keystone isn’t primarily due to environmental concerns (easily refuted).  Underlying the Keystone decision is politics and power. 

Mr. Obama is pursuing subjugation economics to better serve the left’s end, which is thorough political domination from sea to shining sea.  Yes, Mr. Obama seeks to placate his party’s environmentalist bloc for short term political need, but with Keystone, he’s very deliberately picking winners and losers.  Not incidentally, most of the losers are in red states or are part of the “old” economy (manufacturing, agriculture, heavy industries — coal, oil, and natural gas included).  There’s some talk that Mr. Obama will approve a modified pipeline plan after the elections, but the claim is dubious
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