Not sure if God exists? This amazing video should help

Ben Breedlove was an internet YouTube blogger who posted a variety of videos covering everything dating to relationships and advice. He also had a heart condition that ultimately led to his death at age 18 of cardiac arrest. Before he died, he posted a video introducing himself and describing a near death experience he had as a result of the condition. At the end he tells the audience “Do you believe in Angels or God? I do.” Other media outlets have edited out many of the religious elements, but Glenn aired it in it’s entirety.

Watch the amazing video below along with Glenn’s intro:

via A message of Hope from Ben Breedlove – Glenn Beck.

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  1. I find this completely believable. I am an RN and I worked in an intensive care unit for ten years. I have seen hundreds of people die and I know that they are seeing something when they pass because of the look on their face, and the aura in the room at that moment. Sometimes they have a smile on their face, other times it is a terrifying grimace. -Dena