Video: High School students can’t answer basic questions

Every so often these types of videos pop up, but this video is one of the more stunningly sad you’ll ever see in this genre. From thinking the Vice President of the United States is Bin Laden to naming a country that starts with the letter U (‘Europe?’) this video is shocking – namely because these are the kids who will one day be running America. Scary.

“I think there’s a problem in this nation. We keep talking about we’ve got to fix our schools. No, no. We have to have a real frank conversation with what our schools are really like,” Glenn said. ” This is from Washington State. This is one of the students saying, what I wanted to do is I wanted to see if — how dumb my fellow students were. Did anybody have any idea about American history at all?”

Watch the video below:

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I bet they know a lot about global warming. Our revolution? What’s that? Bill of rights? Don’t have a clue. If our government schools were a private industry and this were the result there would be hearings in congress and teachers would go to jail. But.. since it’s a government school… lets just increase their budgets. And these kids don’t seem to care much that they don’t know anything. That’s what is so sad. They are being groomed for dependency on government and they don’t even know it.

via Lunch Scholars – YouTube.

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