Being Green isn’t Just for Liberals Anymore

When people think of the green movement, they are likely to think of liberals driving around in their Toyota Prius cars and frequenting the organic grocers. But being green isn’t just for liberals. In fact, there is a whole subculture of conservatives who are very passionate about eating foods from local sustainable farmers, cooking from scratch and using whole natural products. The problem is, we just don’t talk about it and announce it to the world. We are much quieter about our green living.

The whole foundation of being conservative is to conserve our natural resources and our health. As conservatives, we worry about the rising cost of energy and healthcare expenses every bit as much as any progressive, perhaps even more for those who are fiscally conservative.

Conservatives also believe in personal responsibility. And so many now are taking responsibility for their own health and for the preservation of the planet we’ve been entrusted to care for, into their own hands.

One way that they do that is by purchasing produce, meat, dairy and eggs from local farmers that farm sustainably…that is in a way that is healthy for the environment, provides healthy foods for consumers (free from pesticides and other chemicals), respects workers rights and provides fair wages, is healthy for animals and helps rural communities.It is about conserving our earth and our health, and that’s what we conservatives are all about.

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