Iran threatens to hit US targets worldwide

Russia Today is reporting that the Iranian ambassador to Moscow says that Iran can and will hit United States Targets.  The United States says that this is dangerous rhetoric but has passed it off as typical of Iran.

On Wednesday the Iranian ambassador to Moscow, Seyed Mahmoud-Reza Sajjadi declared that Iran has the capabilities of carrying out military strikes on US interests around the globe.

This comes after President Obama announced the United States would freeze all Iranian assets held in the US.

The executive order which was signed on Monday was in reaction to what the US is calling deceptive practices by Iran.

“The issue of a military attack from America on the Islamic Republic of Iran has been on the agenda for several years,” said Sajjadi.

The building provocation by Washington has been cornering Tehran and Sajjadi has stated that a US led attack on Iran would be like committing suicide. Sajjadi went on to say Iran would by no means attack first.

According to Sajjadi, “Even if it (US) attacks, we have a list of counter actions.”

Sajjadi’s words don’t seem to be empty words.

Last Thursday, Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon disclosed that according to his sources, the big blast at the Iranian missile base near Tehran in November of the last year blew up a news missile system with a range of 10,000 kilometers, capable of targeting the United States.

via Iran threatens to hit US targets worldwide in case of war — RT.

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