A Litany Of Obama Failed Promises


Obama Complained About How Lobbyists And Special Interests “Turned Our Government Into A Game Only They Can Afford To Play” And Said It Was “Time To Turn The Page Right Here And Right Now.” OBAMA: “And as people have looked away in disillusionment and frustration, we know what’s filled the void. The cynics, the lobbyists, the special interests who’ve turned our government into a game only they can afford to play. They write the checks and you get stuck with the bills, they get the access while you get to write a letter, they think they own this government, but we’re here today to take it back. The time for that kind of politics is over. It is through. It’s time to turn the page right here and right now.” (Sen. Barack Obama, Remarks At Campaign Event, Springfield, IL, 2/10/07)


Lobbyist Bundler Raised At Least $200,000 For Obama Despite Pledge

Former Florida Rep. Ron Klein (D-FL) Bundled At Least $200,000 For Obama’s Reelection While Lobbying On Behalf Of Spirit Airlines. “Former Florida Rep. Ron Klein, now working as a partner for the law firm Holland & Knight, has raised between $200,000 and $500,000 for the Obama campaign, while lobbying on behalf of Spirit Airlines, according to public records.” (Byron Tau, “Lobbyist Ron Klein Fundraising For Obama, Despite Pledge,” Politico 2/8/12)

  • In The Morning, The Obama Campaign Said That Klein Was Able To Bundle Up Until The “Minute” He Registered As A Lobbyist. “The Obama campaign says that Ron Klein, former Democratic congressman from Florida, turned Obama stalwart, turned lobbyist, is out as a bundler after registering as a lobbyist for Spirit Airlines in early January. ‘The minute he became a lobbyist, he stopped raising money for the campaign,’ a senior Obama for America official tells POLITICO.” (Glenn Thrush, “Ron Klein Out ‘The Minute’ He Started Lobbying, Obama Campaign Says,” Politico, 2/8/12)
  • That Same Afternoon, Klein Said He Had Not Heard From Anyone From The Obama Campaign Regarding His Lobbyist Position. “But Klein said he had not heard from anybody in the Obama campaign. And, he added, he fully expects to continue raising money for the president’s re-election. ‘I understand the rules,’ he said.” (Michael Isikoff, “Obama Bundler To ‘De-Register,'” NBC’s“First Read,” 2/8/12)

And Within Hours Of His Lobbyist Position Being Revealed, Klein Announced He Will De-Register So That He Can Continue To Raise Funds . “A former Florida congressman who has been a top campaign bundler for President Obama said Wednesday he is taking immediate steps to de-register as a lobbyist for a Florida-based airline so he can continue to raise funds for the president.”(Michael Isikoff, “Obama Bundler To ‘De-Register,'” NBC’s “First Read,” 2/8/12)

Obama Allowed Bundlers With Ties To Fugitive To Raise More Than $200,000

The New York Times : “Obama To Return Major Donations Tied To Fugitive.” (Mark McIntire, “Obama To Return Major Donations Tied To Fugitive,” The New York Times, 2/6/12)

“The Obama Campaign Will Return More Than $200,000 In Campaign Donations From The American Relatives Of A Fugitive Mexican Businessman And Casino Owner, A Campaign Official Said Tuesday.” (Byron Tau, “Obama To Return 200k+ In Donations,” Politico, 2/7/12)

Despite Populist Campaign Rhetoric, Obama Still Wants Wall Street’s Money

Obama Dispatched Campaign Manager Jim Messina To Assure Wall Street Donors That Obama’s Populist Campaign Tone Wouldn’t “Demonize” The Financial Services Industry. “Jim Messina, President Barack Obama’s campaign manager, assured a group of Democratic donors from the financial services industry that Obama won’t demonize Wall Street as he stresses populist appeals in his re-election campaign, according to two people at the meeting. At the members-only Core Club in Manhattan, Messina provided a campaign briefing last night for some of the president’s top donors, including Ralph Schlosstein, chief executive officer at Evercore Partners Inc., and his wife, Jane Hartley, co-founder of the economic and political advisory firm Observatory Group LLC; Eric Mindich, founder of Eton Park Capital Management LP; and Ron Blaylock, co-founder of GenNx360 Capital Partners.” (Hans Nichols, “Obama Campaign Chief Messina Seeks To Assure Wall Street Donors,”Bloomberg, 2/9/12)


Obama Decried Politicians Making Promises They Can’t Keep And Letting Lobbyists And Special Interests Move In. OBAMA: “But too many times, after the election is over, and the confetti is swept away, all those promises fade from memory, and the lobbyists and the special interests move in, and people turn away, disappointed as before, left to struggle on their own.” (Sen. Barack Obama, Remarks At Campaign Event, Springfield, IL, 2/10/07)


Obama’s Re-Election Campaign Reversed Its Position On Super PACs, “Encouraging Donors To Send Their Unlimited Contributions” To Pro-Obama Priorities USA PAC. “President Obama’s re-election campaign made an about-face late Monday in its opposition to super PACs, encouraging donors to send their unlimited contributions to one such group founded by a former administration spokesman. Obama campaign manager Jim Messina emailed supporters to formally endorse contributions to Priorities USA, the Democratic super PAC founded by Bill Burton, a former White House deputy press secretary.” (Michael O’Brien, “Obama Campaign Reverses Stance, Urging Donations To Super PAC, NBC News’ First Read , 2/7/12)

Politifact: Obama’s Embrace Of Super PACs Is A “Full Flop.” “In this case, Obama and his campaign have gone from refusing to fundraise for super PACs to declaring that senior officials will attend and speak at Priorities USA fundraising events. We respect that the president himself won’t participate, and that he still plans to fight the role of special interest money in campaigns, but that’s a major reversal of position, and we rate it a Full Flop.” (“Obama Campaign Says Officials Will Now Appear At Super PAC Fundraisers,” Tampa Bay Times’ “Politifact,” 2/6/12)

Obama’s Shift On Super PACs “Opens The Door To Donations By Lobbyists To Support His Re-Election.” “President Obama’s decision to back unlimited donations to a Democratic outside group reverses his opposition to super PACs and opens the door to donations by lobbyists to support his re-election. Obama has made refusing money from federal lobbyists a bedrock principle of his political campaigns.”(Fredreka Schouten, “Obama Urges Donations to Super PAC Backing Him,” USA Today, 2/7/12)


Obama Said The Problem With America Was A “Preference For Scoring Cheap Political Points” Instead Of “Building A Working Consensus To Tackle The Big Problems Of America.” OBAMA: “What’s stopped us is the failure of leadership, the smallness of our politics – the ease with which we’re distracted by the petty and trivial, our chronic avoidance of tough decisions, our preference for scoring cheap political points instead of rolling up our sleeves and building a working consensus to tackle the big problems of America.” (Sen. Barack Obama, Remarks At Campaign Event, Springfield, IL, 2/10/07)


The Obama Administration Mandated That Contraception Be Covered By Insurance Plans And Rejected An Exemption For Religious Organizations That Don’t Offer Contraception Due To Religious Beliefs. “The Obama administration said Friday that most health insurance plans must cover contraceptives for women free of charge, and it rejected a broad exemption sought by the Roman Catholic Church for insurance provided to employees of Catholic hospitals, colleges and charities.” (Robert Pear, “Obama Reaffirms Insurers Must Cover Contraception,” The New York Times , 1/20/12)

  • “In The End, It Was Mr. Obama Himself Who Made The Decision…” “In the end, it was Mr. Obama himself who made the decision , aides say, calculating that at the end of the day, the issue of public health access outweighed the concerns of the religious institutions.” (Helene Cooper And Katharine Q. Seelye, “Obama Tries To Ease Ire On Contraception Rule,” The New York Times , 2/7/12)

Obama’s Decision Is Nothing More Than An Election Year Appeal To His Base. “The handling of the issue offers a hint of Obama’s approach to governing and campaigning in 2012: When confronted with a position close to his heart – and dear to the base – Obama is increasingly inclined to side with people who will vote for him even if it means enraging those whomight, but probably won’t, vote for him.” (Glenn Thrush, “Obama’s Birth-Control Gamble,” Politico, 2/2/12)

USA Today Editorial: Obama “Crossed The Line” By Requiring Religious Institutions “To Violate A Central Tenet Of Its Faith.” “Few Americans of any political stripe would disagree with the simple proposition that the government should steer away from meddling in church affairs. Certainly, it should never try to force a religiously affiliated institution to violate a central tenet of its faith. Yet in drawing up the rules that will govern health care reform, the Obama administration didn’t just cross that line. It galloped over it, requiring employers affiliated with the Catholic Church to include free birth control in their health insurance plans. That’s contrary to both Catholic doctrine and constitutional guarantees of religious freedom. ” (Editorial, “Contraception Mandate Violates Religious Freedom,” USA Today, 2/5/12)

“A Handful Of High-Profile Catholic Democrats” Opposed Obama’s Religious Overreach On Contraceptives.

“President Barack Obama’s contraceptives edict has handed Republicans an election-year gift. But now, the president may have a problem with his own party, too. A handful of high-profile Catholic Democrats are bailing on the president and joining the GOP chorus of critics. They’re arguing that the rule needs to be significantly softened if not, as Republicans want, scrapped altogether. At this point, the Democratic defectors are few in number but tall in stature. They include two swing-state pols on the November ballot – Obama’s former DNC chairman, Tim Kaine, who’s running for Senate in Virginia, and Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey – as well as House Democratic Caucus Chairman John Larson.” (Scott Wong, “Some Catholic Dems Bail On Obama,”


, 2/8/12)


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