98% of Catholics on Birth Control? Babies and Grandma on the Pill?

Here is an interesting statistic that is being touted by the Mainstream media and ‘devout’ Catholic Nancy Pelosi.  98 percent of Catholics are on Birth control.

Thats if you ask the right people.  Here is how it goes.  You pick out folks who are wearing blue shoes.. you ask them what color of shoes they are wearing… 98% of those surveys say their shoes are blue.

The agency that did this survey asked only people who were of Child bearing age, sexually active,  who did not want children.  The outcome of that subgroup would be overwhelming, especially when those who used the “Rhythm Method” were also called Birth control users.

Statistics don’t lie, people uses statistics to lie.  No one in their correct mind could take the demographics of the Catholic faith and come up with an outcome that said 98 percent use birth control.

The oft-repeated claim that “98 percent of Catholic women use birth control” is not true, asserts Christian blogger Lydia McGrew, who reviewed the Guttmacher Institute study on which the claim is based. “The study is here. The relevant tables are Figure 3 on p. 6 and the second Supplementary Table on p. 8. The survey was limited to women between 15-44. Ah, well, that explains how we weren’t including the elderly, but it also means that the silly ‘percent of all Catholic women’ thing should be chucked out right from the beginning. More strikingly … it excluded any women who were a) not sexually active, where that is defined as having had sexual intercourse in the past three months (there go all the nuns), b) postpartum, c) pregnant, or d) trying to get pregnant!”

via 98% of Catholics Not on Birth Control 

Who did the Study?

The Guttmacher Institute.

What do they do?

An institute seeking to advance sexual and reproductive health through research, policy analysis and public education.


The Guttmacher Institute gratefully acknowledges the general support it receives from individuals and foundations–including major grants from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation–the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and the Ford Foundation, which undergirds all of the Institute’s work.

So do we think that their research may be bias toward Abortion, Birth control, and bias against religious institutes that promote abstinence and natural family planning?

You Betcha!


Pelosi: ’98 Percent of Catholic Women…Use Birth Control’
During a weekly briefing on congressional issues, House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) made a startling claim about Catholic women’s usage of birth control, stating that “98 Percent of Catholic women”…”Use Birth Control”
It remains unclear at this moment where exactly the Minority Leader is obtaining her statistics.
Nancy Pelosi:

“98 percent of Catholic women, I am told by all of you, use birth control to determine the size and timing of their families. So again its a women’s health issue.”

via Pelosi: ’98 Percent of Catholic Women…Use Birth Control’ – Nancy Pelosi – Fox Nation.

Controversy in the Past:

Pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute produces bogus abortion statistics

Steven W. Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute has attacked the global abortion estimates of the pro-abortion Alan Guttmacher Institute as “simply bogus.”

The Guttmacher Institute, which Mosher describes as the “research arm of Planned Parenthood,” has published a report claiming a reduction in global abortions.  It estimates worldwide abortion statistics to have declined from about 46 million in 1995 to under 42 million in 2003.  It attributes this decline to an increase in countries that legalize abortion and more access to contraceptives.

Mosher criticized these estimates:  “In actual fact, neither Guttmacher nor anyone else knows how many abortions have been performed worldwide in this year or any other year.”  He noted that abortion statistics were only reliable in a few developed countries.  In other countries, he claimed, these numbers are “at best educated guesses.”  Mosher said any decline is not necessarily due to contraceptive access but rather due to government sterilization programs, especially in China and Vietnam.  Some of these campaigns are known to be coercive.

via Pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute produces bogus abortion statistics.

Pelosi: 98 Percent of Catholic Women Use Birth Control

via Pelosi: 98 Percent of Catholic Women Use Birth Control – YouTube.

But the Left is trying to do the re-framing of the issue.  This is NOT about woman’s health or Birth Control, it is about religious liberty and conscience.  Seems to us that the Left is all about separation of church and state until they want the church and people with deeply held religious beliefs to provide a service that is prohibited by their faith.

While this issue may not be a problem for the reader, it should signal that this administration does not care about your deeply held beliefs.  It dictates that you should choose the state’s view over your Faith.  That should be a problem for any American who loves the Bill of Rights.


Guttmacher Institute Study

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