The Colbert Report Suspended

Update: Stephen Colbert Suspends Production of His Show

Stephen Colbert has suspended production of his satirical comedy show temporarily because of an emergency in Mr. Colbert’s family, according to people familiar with the show.

The show is expected to resume production soon, perhaps as early as next week, the people added.

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According to a tweet from BNO News President and Founder Michael van Poppel, CNN is reporting that The Colbert Report is shutting down production temporarily. This is a time for speculation to run wild, especially after The Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert made a short-lived and entirely satirical run for President of the United States of South Carolina just a month ago, but it’s likely that this isn’t the case.

After Mediaite reported yesterday that those holding a ticket to Wednesday’s taping of Comedy Central’s half-hour of hard-hitting, right-wing fake news were sent emails informing them that the taping was off, it seemed as though something may have happened affecting the personal lives of one of the show’s cast members. But it seems now as though there may be something bigger at play here, the origins of which are unknown.

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Colbert Report suspends production

The Colbert Report has suspended production for at least two nights, for as of yet unknown reasons.

According to users on Twitter, tonight’s taping was cancelled late last night. The show’s audience department sent out a notification email, reading in part “Due to unforseen circumstances, we have canceled our taping for the date of your ticket reservation, February 15, 2012.”

The show’s website now lists reruns for Wednesday and Thursday, bumping previously scheduled guests Claire Danes and Susan Cain.

A last-minute cancellation is highly unusual for Comedy Central’s fake news shows. The Daily Show has suspended production last-minute due to personal reasons twice during Jon Stewart’s reign: once when his second child was born, and once when a staff member passed away suddenly. If this week’s reasons are of a similar nature, it would be a first for the Colbert Report.

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