Climate scientist admits to defrauding the Heartland Institute

These are dark days for the “climate change” fraud.  In 2010, 141 scientists wrote a letter to the United Nations challenging the junk science of the global warming cult, declaring “climate change science is in a period of ‘negative discover’ – the more we learn about this exceptionally complex and rapidly evolving field the more we realize how little we know.  Truly, the science is not settled.”

A year later, over a thousand scientists joined forces to express their skepticism of the climate change movement.  Many of them were motivated to speak up by the “Climategate” scandal, in which emails from the East Anglia climate research unit revealed the deliberate manipulation of data by global-warming zealots.  The group continues to collect a steady stream of climate scientists who study new data and conclude the basic assumptions of “climate change” are incorrect.

The release of new data has delivered one body blow after another to the “climate change” fanatics.  Several major planet-wide studies have been released over the past couple of years, showing no significant global warming at all.  The “climate models” used to wreak havoc upon the industrialized economies of the world utterly failed to predict our current global climate.  The East Anglia fraudsters knew this was coming, which is why they were trying to “hide the decline” in global temperature data.  Actually, the degree to which global warming is not happening came as a surprise to some critics of global warming theory, who were willing to accept that some atmospheric changes might be under way, but doubted human activity was a major contributing factor.

Non-politicized scientists have, in fact, returned to a school of thought that was gathering strength in the Seventies, before politicians took over from scientists and created the “global warming” cult: the Earth is headed for a period of cooling, caused in large measure by changes in solar radiation.  In a fascinating turn of events, experiments at the CERN high-energy physics lab have increased scientists’ understanding of the role cosmic radiation plays in cloud formation, as discussed in an August 2011 piece in Nature.  Refreshingly, the scientists pursuing these theories are cheerfully willing to concede they’re theories and open to challenge – not holy Scripture commanding the end of the Industrial Age, challenged only by heretics.

So, if you’re a die-hard global-warming dead-ender, how do you handle these depressing developments?  You commit fraud in an attempt to discredit global-warming critics.

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