Earth Conscious Organization: Update from PETA on killing over 90% of sheltered animals

Earth Conscious contacted PETA regarding the news story.  Politisite is a conservative Site but is concerned with Mass Animal Farming and Animal Adoption.  This writer has two rescue animals, one of which considered un-adoptable.  Having said that, We thought it appropriate to post their article as a rebuttal to PETA Killed 96 Percent of Dogs and Cats in its Care.
In recent news, it has been said that PETA kills over 90% of animals in their shelters every year. We opened a petition asking PETA to adopt a no-kill policy. I also wrote to PETA a few days before starting the petition. I hadn’t heard from them until today. Jillian Hacker, The Monthly Giving Program Coordinator for PETA, wrote back to me regarding the news stories about PETA killing 90% of their animals. Originally while reading the letter I was very skeptical, but after researching everything she had mentioned, I feel almost convinced that it is NOT true that PETA kills over 90% of animals in their shelters. I will be changing the petition and the petition letter to reflect the update. I am still highly against PETA’s euthanasia choice and I believe that if they would discontinue putting money into their ‘banned’ advertisements and other useless ideas they could afford to build better shelters with more room and even adopt the no-kill policy. We will continue asking for your support in signing and sharing our petition to convince PETA to adopt a no-kill policy by moving funds away from unnecessary ideas and putting the money towards advanced cruelty free shelters. 
We at ECO will continue our monthly donations towards PETA and hope for the best from them. Until then, please sign and share.
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The full letter is posted below:

read the Letter at Earth Conscious Organization: Update from PETA on killing over 90% of sheltered animals..

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