Obama Credits Himself with increased Oil Production – What are the Facts?

Does Obama deserve any credit for this or is it all those oil drilling permits former President G. W. Bush issued? Bush increased oil drilling permits 70% from the Clinton era. Let’s see how Obama is doing issuing new offshore oil drilling permits.The truth is there has been a 69 percent reduction in the number of offshore drilling plans approved under President Obama. It also takes 52% longer for the lucky few to get a permit approved.

via Deception: Obama claims credit for oil production increase.

Seems to us that President Obama wants to Blame Bush for the economy, but take credit for his Oil production.  Can Obama have it both ways.. he thinks so.

Fuel Fix » Is President Barack Obama responsible for U.S. oil production rise?

“The reason that oil production has risen under President Obama is due to events that happened years earlier. In this case, it wasn’t some grand initiative that President Bush passed, rather it was years of steadily increasing oil prices that caused oil companies to approve a number of new projects that had marginal economics at lower oil prices. But these projects take some years to build, and as in the case of the Alaska Pipeline, decisions that were made (four to six) years earlier benefited President Obama with increased domestic oil production.”

via Fuel Fix » Is President Barack Obama responsible for U.S. oil production rise?.

Obama Credits Himself with increased  Oil Production

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via U.S. Oil Production is Up: President Obama’s Energy Record – YouTube.

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