Obama’s Lie-Filled “Jews Please Love Me” Speech at AIPAC

Shame on AIPAC! The President of the United States lied to them about his record. He lied to them about the effect of sanctions. And, judging by their applause, they ate up every lie, every political spin.

Since the AIPAC attendees couldn’t discern the difference between truth and lies, honestly and political campaigning (and the mainstream media would never dare) allow me to point out some of his misinformation.

Obama started by saying nice things about the liberal and powerless Israeli president Shimon Peres and announcing this year Peres would be invited back to the US to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The President would tell you that the award to Peres, has nothing to do with the fact that its an election year and he is worried about the Jewish vote.

To give credit where credit is due, his choice of Peres is much better than the two Jew haters he picked his first year as POTUS, former Irish President Mary Robinson, who was responsible for the 1991 UN Conference on Racism (which turned out to be a conference for every type of Antisemitism in the world) and Desmond Tutu a man who not only claims the Jews run the US government but “the Jews thought they had a monopoly on God.

The President next turned his attention to the upcoming election,  repeating the position first announced by his surrogates at the ADL and AJC “if you disagree with Barack Obama Shut Up!”

That is why America’s commitment to Israel has endured under Democratic and Republican Presidents, and congressional leaders of both parties. In the United States, our support for Israel is bipartisan, and that is how it should stay.

That’s just nonsense! And the fact that Obama said that reveals even he believes his record on Israel is awful. Obama must have have thought he was back at Disney World because this next section had the President speaking as has if he was in Fantasy Land.

But as you examine my commitment, you don’t just have to count on my words. You can look at my deeds. Because over the last three years, as President of the United States, I have kept my commitments to the state of Israel. At every crucial juncture – at every fork in the road – we have been there for Israel. Every single time.

Keeping commitments? One of Obama’s first acts of “friendship” toward Israel was breaking a deal between the United States and Israel. The agreement stated that Israel could add apartment units to existing communities that were outside the 1949 armistice line but would not start new communities (with the exception of Jerusalem). Although the position of the US was the final status of Jerusalem was to be negotiated, Israel would continue to build communities in its capital city.  Obama broke the agreement, lied about its existence, and publicly berated Israel for continuing to follow its guidelines.

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