Unions To Recall Scott Walker For His Success

Thuggery: Backed by a massive, well-financed Big Labor machine, the Democratic Party is determined to reverse the democratic election of Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker. His crime? Fixing his state economy.

Democrats and their powerful union allies got the more than half a million signatures needed to hold a recall ballot intended to remove Walker, a Republican elected in November 2010. The vote will be in just over two months.

Or did they? “Adolf Hitler” and “Mick E. Mous” were successfully weeded out — plus tens of thousands of other invalid entries. But ABC-TV’s Milwaukee affiliate was told by a man on the street that “I think I signed about 80 times” over two weeks. “They cheated for (George W.) Bush,” he rationalized, “so hey, I’m going to cheat to get Scott Walker out of here.”

How many others like him were there?

There have been two successful recall movements in American history. California Gov. Gray Davis, responsible for California’s unprecedented electricity crisis, was replaced by movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003. And 1921 saw the grass-roots ousting of North Dakota Gov. Lynn Frazier, whose state takeover of farm-related industries rendered the state bank insolvent.

The Wisconsin recall would undo the election not of someone who wrecked his state’s economy, but who has been resoundingly successful.

via Big Labor Seeks To Undo Election Of Politician With Guts Enough To Take It On – Investors.com.

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