The Obama Campaign’s Fake Romney Criticism

I love it when the Obama campaign tries to pretend its effort is not about money but about the grass roots and all those Republicans, all they care about is money and their fat cat contributors and blah blah blah.

This morning Rufus Gifford, the Obama finance chairman, disingenuously – and that’s being nice – announced that Mitt Romney with the snap of a finger can suddenly raise up to $75,800. Here’s part of what he wrote. The bold is his.

Here we go — Romney, the Republican National Committee, and Republican state parties just announced they’ll begin raising money together.

Just like that, Romney’s donors can give $75,800 — a significant boost from the $5,000 max they could give last week.

We’re not going to get a clearer sign that this election is on.

All of the emails, door knocks, and donations were preparing us for today.

If you know you’re going to support President Obama with a donation in the next seven months, now’s the time to do it — donate $3 or more.

Romney is clearly AN EVIL GENIUS, right? Can you imagine the noive of this guy, conspiring with the RNC to pad his pockets with largess of industrialists, lobbyists, and other similar demons while Obama pleads for a little change from the working man.

Except . . .

As Rufus Gifford surely knows, this allegedly cynical move by Romney MERELY GIVES HIM THE SAME CAPABILITY OBAMA HAS HAD FOR NEARLY A YEAR.

From the Los Angeles Times, June 11, 2011:

President Obama’s reelection team has launched an invigorated effort to draw money from wealthy donors, buttressing the campaign against a potential decline in contributions from the everyday supporters who helped fuel his massive take in 2008.

A new program called Presidential Partners asks supporters to commit $75,800 to the Obama Victory Fund, a joint project of the campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

JUST LAST NIGHT, as Gifford  was composing his email, Obama hosted a fundraiser at a swank Washington hotel where he pocketed $40,000 each from twenty donors who probably don’t work the night shift at the steel plant. This is not an unusual occurrence – Obama has held many such intimate gatherings with people willing to spend the sum of a first-class fully loaded SUV just to have a few minutes of face time with The One.

Obama needs these kind of donors, because the Man of the People is actually burning through money faster than the Republicans, even though he’s not even involved in a primary.

According to the Associated Press, Obama has spent more than $135 million, a greater amount than Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum combined.

Obama wants you to think he’s running his campaign emotion and commitment. But the fuel he needs most – and not just in $3 increments – is cash. And he has plenty of his own rich people ready to grease his palm.

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