Mittens Loves His Missouri Fox Trotter

Saddle up the ponies dahling, we’re going riding!

This is a video provided to Gawker by a Fox “mole,” who has since been outed.

All I can say is, when I go riding, I very much love a horse who’s easy on the rump. But please, not a quarter horse. I want THE WHOLE HORSE, thank you very much.

Yikes. What a crew these Republicans were. One wants to reintroduce child labor, the other is pondering Satan’s role in Congress and vomiting on JFK speeches, and this one tries to look regular-guy in Dockers while secretly pining for his favorite mare.


The class warfare crowd should have fun with this.

I will say, it’s nice to see Romney with his hair down . . . metaphorically. Comes off more natural-like when talking about the horsies.

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