Obama Defends Family Vacations – I work hard, I earned them

We think the American people have worked hard and deserve a vacation as well.  Most can’t due to the Obama Economy

President Obama was taken by surprise when a local TV journalist from Missouri asked him an unusually tough question during a question-and-answer session. It was part of a brief interview that White House officials thought would be an easy way for the president to get his economic message across to an important swing state.

Instead, the interview turned into a sharp exchange.

The wider lesson is that, while some White House correspondents consider local reporters hopelessly parochial and eager to curry favor, local interviewers can be tough.

The latest example came when Larry Conners of KMOV-TV in St. Louis asked Obama if his extensive travel on Air Force One and his family vacations during economic hard times have left him out of touch.

via Local Reporter Grills Obama on Family Vacations – Ken Walsh’s Washington (usnews.com).


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  1. Either he is busy destroying America, hitting the links, schmoozing with celebs, jetting off on lavish vacations, or MAYBE having one or two meetings a day on his schedule.
    And he cares a naught for our eight Marines who died in a terrible training accident, just as he didn’t care about those who died horribly in Benghazi.
    The most DESTRUCTIVE president.
    The most DEVISIVE president.
    The most LAZY president.
    The most ENTITLED-FEELING president.

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