Media Alert: Fast and Furious on the O’Reilly Factor Tonight

Katie Pavlich, editor and author of Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and the Shameless Cover-Up will appear Monday night on Bill O’Reilly’s show on Fox News at 8pm.

She is also scheduled to appear on Sean Hannity’s Great American Panel on Fox News on Tuesday night. Be sure to catch Katie on TV this week, read her intro to the book on, and support the continued investigation into the Fast and Furious scandal by buying a copy of her book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or your favorite local bookstore.

What others are saying about Katie’s book:

“ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATING! Intrepid investigative journalist Katie Pavlich rips the lid off Team Obama’s murderous corruption and anti-Second Amendment zealotry. Pavlich names names, explodes lies, and exposes the Obama administration’s reckless disregard for American lives, national security, and accountability at the highest levels. Everything you need to know—and the mainstream media won’t tell you—about the Fast and Furious ‘gun-walking’ scandal is now in your hands. Don’t let these blood-stained bureaucrats get away with it.” —Michelle Malkin, bestselling author of Culture of Corruption and Invasion

“Of all the Obama administration scandals, Fast and Furious is the one the mainstream media would most like us to ignore because it’s the most dangerous for Obama and his cronies. Katie Pavlich draws back the curtain on a radical administration that put Mexican and American lives at risk for no discernible reason other than to advance an ideological agenda. Katie is a terrific reporter and whistleblower. This is an eye-opening book.” —David Limbaugh, bestselling author of Crimes Against Liberty and Absolute Powe

You can buy a copy of her book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble. You can also get it free if you subscribe to Townhall Magazine today.

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