Robert Joseph: Iran nuclear program ‘vastly expanded under Obama’

A few days ago Vice-President Joe Biden blamed the Bush administration for Iran acceleration of it’s Nuke program.  He went further and stated that under the Obama administration Iran has been stifled.  Not so says Robert Joesph

The State Department’s former top weapons proliferation official said recently that the Obama administration’s failure to threaten military force against Iran had helped advance the covert nuclear arms program there.

Robert Joseph, undersecretary of state for arms control during the George W. Bush administration, also said in a speech that the administration’s push to engage Iran and North Korea, and to eliminate all nuclear arms, has increased global threats to U.S. security.

Joseph challenged President Obama’s statement that his administration inherited a policy toward Iran “in tatters” and said the current conciliatory approach had failed to stem Tehran’s drive for a nuclear bomb.

“Despite multiple claims that the sanctions are working, the scope and the pace of Iran’s nuclear program are expanding and accelerating,” Joseph said at a breakfast meeting May 9.

Iran operated about 4,000 centrifuges for enriching uranium at a plant near Natanz at the end of 2008. Three years later, the IAEA reported that Iran’s enrichment capacity in Natanz doubled to more than 8,000 centrifuges, he said.

Joseph, an adviser to presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, said the two main themes of administration efforts to stop the flow of nuclear and other arms has been “an unshakable faith in engagement” with Tehran and Pyongyang and a global push for eliminating all nuclear weapons.

“My bottom line is that both of these themes have actually undermined our ability to stop proliferation, and in fact may produce the opposite effects of those intended, a more proliferated and more unstable and dangerous world,” Joseph said.

On Iran, Joseph said Tehran’s stockpile of low-enriched uranium increased five-fold from about 1,000 kilograms in early 2009 to over 5,000 kilograms today.

via Robert Joseph Goes Nuclear | Washington Free Beacon.

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