Union hopes of ousting Wisconsin Governor Walker fade

(Reuters) – Democrats and unions hoping to turf Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker out of office over his efforts to tame the power of organized labor are finding it tough going with only two weeks to go before a historic recall election.

Just over a year ago, Walker set off a storm that looked like it could sweep him from power over a new law that critics labeled “union busting.”

Walker pushed through the legislature a law requiring public sector union members to pay part of the cost of health insurance and pensions, limited pay rises, made paying union dues voluntary and forced unions to be recertified every year.

Opponents sought revenge by collecting nearly a million signatures from voters to force a special election on June 5. It looked like Walker’s days were numbered.

National attention has been riveted on the Wisconsin recall, which some political pundits call the second most important election of 2012 after the presidential vote, because it could show which way the wind is blowing this year.

But since Democrats chose Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on May 8 as their candidate to challenge Walker in the recall, the Republican governor has not trailed in a single public opinion poll.

A Marquette Law School poll last week showed Walker leading Barrett 50 to 44 percent among likely voters, a small but important lead because there are an extraordinarily low number of undecided voters.

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Wisconsin Governor Recall Election – Walker vs. Barrett

Polling Data

Poll Date Sample Walker (R) Barrett (D) Spread
RCP Average 5/9 – 5/13 50.3 44.3 Walker +6.0
Marquette University 5/9 – 5/12 600 LV 50 44 Walker +6
WeAskAmerica 5/13 – 5/13 1219 LV 52 43 Walker +9
Daily Kos/PPP (D) 5/11 – 5/13 851 RV 49 45 Walker +4
Rasmussen Reports 5/9 – 5/9 500 LV 50 45 Walker +5

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