Obama Presided Over Slowest Federal Spending Growth of Any Recent President

So President Obama takes the last Bush budget provided by a Democrat Congress and than has Harry Reid reject any budget for three years (which kept spending at 2008 levels) and calls it the lowest increase in spending in history.  One must know that if Congress does not pass a budget, that the default is the last budget passed…. Now do you get it.. of course Obama has the lowest increase from an inflated Democrat Congress budget.. because their has been no budget in three years.  Almost comical, but the Left has gone with it and has a fallacy of an argument.

One can simply compare actual Obama’s three years of spending to George Bush’s eight years. See the video we have at the end of the article.

Politifact is quite proud of its contextually-challenged fabrication built to ensure that whenever presumptive nominee Mitt Romney hits one of President Obama’s  primary weak spots — his unprecedented, reckless, and failed federal spending binge — that the White House Palace Guards in the media can cry in unison: “Romney’s lying.” So proud is Politifact of this shill-o-rama, that it currently sits proudly in a feature spot at the top of their Web page:

The Facebook post said that Romney is wrong to claim that spending under Obama has “accelerated at a pace without precedent in recent history,” because it’s actually risen “slower than at any time in nearly 60 years.”

 We found that Obama has indeed presided over the slowest growth in spending of any president using raw dollars, and the growth on his watch was the second-slowest if you adjust for inflation. The math simultaneously backs up Nutting’s calculations and demolishes Romney’s contention. The only significant shortcoming of the graphic was that it failed to note that some of the restraint in spending was fueled by demands from congressional Republicans. On balance, we rated the claim Mostly True.

Brace yourselves: [emphasis added]

So, using inflation-adjusted dollars, Obama had the second-lowest increase — in fact, he actually presided over a decrease once inflation is taken into account.

Before I get to the facts, it’s important to understand why Politifact is so willing to embarrass themselves like this.

As I mentioned late last week in my call to Twitter arms, Politifact (along with every other MSM fact-checking outlet) was conceived after the media watched in horror in 2004 as the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth used facts to undermine John Kerry’s claims of war heroism; a crucial trait to have during an election based on national security:

 The media cried “Never again!” and, as a result, birthed an unholy set of twins to back that cry up: Media Matters and a number of corrupt truth squads and fact checkers, like Politifact.

Both of these entities are what I call Inconvenient Narrative Zappers. Their job is to spot emerging and potential narratives damaging to the Left and, before they make their way into the mainstream media, to use lies, half-truths, rationalizations, shameless spin, and anything else they can think of to discredit those narratives and ensure they gain no traction. This allows the MSM to either completely ignore stories it doesn’t want to amplify or to simply report on “an already discredited story” bubbling online.  …

We all laughed in 2009 when Politifact fact-checked an “SNL” sketch critical of Obama, but there was a method to their madness. Leftists like those at Politifact understand the power of satire to define someone. Thus, in order to protect Obama, Politifact was willing to make of fools of themselves to undermine any traction the “SNL” sketch about Obama’s broken promises might have received.

Obama’s astounding deficits are a major liability for the President, especially since they have yielded anemic GDP and job growth. The crisis Obama inherited was not an either/or situation — either spend us into oblivion or face a depression. Obama had many options, including the decisions President Reagan made during his inherited crisis. Instead, Obama chose a path that in the opinion of many likely did more harm than if he had simply done nothing. But no one in their right mind believes Obama’s results have been worth the trillions upon trillions wasted.

Read the full story at  Politifact: Obama Presided Over Slowest Federal Spending Growth of Any Recent President.


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