Obama for Amercia is “In-Your-Face Negativity”

Candidate Obama: “What We Need Now Is Not Misleading Charges And Divisive Attacks.” OBAMA: “Well, what we need now is not misleading charges and divisive attacks. What we need is honest leadership and real change, and that’s why I’m running for President of the United States.” (Senator Barack Obama, Remarks, Richmond, VA, 10/22/08)


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Obama’s Supporters Worry That His “In-Your-Face Negativity” Has Caused “A Backlash Among Independent Voters Who Have Finally Given Up The Image Of Obama As A New-Breed Politician.” “But the president’s enemies, and a few of his friends, think his in-your-face negativity, on display in his attacks on Bain Capital and a snark offensive that included comparing Romney’s statements to a ‘cow pie of distortion,’ have produced a backlash among independent voters who have finally given up the image of Obama as a new-breed politician.” (Glenn Thrush, “Obama’s Negative Feedback Loop,” Politico, 5/30/12)

For Some Democrats, The Obama Campaign Is “Too Divisive, Too Conventional, And Too Nakedly Political.” “For many Democrats, this is just fine and dandy, for they believe that in the Romney-Republican agenda there is plenty to be scared of. For others in the party in both politics and business, however, the new Obama posture is cause for concern. From the gay- marriage decision to the onslaught on Bain, they see the president and his team as coming across as too divisive, too conventional, and too nakedly political, putting at risk Obama’s greatest asset his likability with the voters in the middle of the electorate who will ultimately decide his fate.” (John Heilemann, “Hope: The Sequel,” New York Magazine, 5/27/12)

“Several Top Democrats” Said Obama’s Attacks “May Further Damage A Hope-And-Change Persona Already Dented” By The Past Three Years. “But several top Democrats interviewed by POLITICO said Obama’s recent attacks — including his long defense, at a press conference in Chicago last week, of his decision to target Bain — may further damage a hope-and-change persona already dented by three years of partisan combat and economic turmoil.” (Glenn Thrush, “Obama’s Negative Feedback Loop,” Politico, 5/30/12)

Senior Democrat Strategist Active In The Obama Campaign: “There Is Some Validity To The Point That We Lose Something By Attacking.” “After all, it was Clinton who infamously announced, ‘Now the fun part starts’ when she began directly attacking Obama in late 2007 — just before her campaign collapsed in the Iowa caucuses for want of a more positive and coherent message. ‘There is some validity to the point that we lose something’ by attacking Romney, said one senior Democratic strategist active in the campaign.” (Glenn Thrush, “Obama’s Negative Feedback Loop,” Politico, 5/30/12)

The New York Times ’ David Brooks: “So I Think Starting Negative … Also Damages His Personal Reputation.” “And I question the Obama decision to go after, to start negative. They’ve decided to focus on a negative way and this seems to me self-destructive. People (inaudible) Obama, they like him personally, they admire him. And now I think he’s at a risk of throwing that away by starting negative, by going extremely tough and extremely hard, looking conventional and frankly, running ads that are inaccurate. The ad they ran against the steel company that Bain took over had a couple of inaccuracies that were the basis of the ad. They said the company was successful until Bain took it over, that’s false. They said Romney threw people out on the street, Romney was gone by then. They said they’re loading up debt, these companies and dumping them. These companies have no higher default rates than anybody else . So I think starting negative not only distracts you from what he should be talking about – the big agenda for structural problems, but also damages his personal reputation. ”(NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 5/27/12)



Abandoning The Brand Of Hope And Change, Obama Senior Advisor David Axelrod Voluntarily Admitted That Obama Ran A Negative 2008 Campaign And Said He Would Do The Same In 2012. “Axelrod disputed the revisionist notion that Obama ran a strictly positive campaign four years ago — just ask Hillary Clinton and John McCain if they agree that Obama played patty-cake — and said the campaign is doing what it did in 2008, drawing a contrast between Obama and the opposition.” (Glenn Thrush, “Obama’s Negative Feedback Loop,” Politico, 5/30/12)

  • Axelrod: “It Would Be Malpractice Not To Do It This Way.” “The difference now, he said, is that the pundit class is holding the president to a phony, Catch-22 standard. ‘Yeah, it would hurt Obama if he were to say things he didn’t believe, if he were to switch positions on a variety of issues from week to week,’ he told POLITICO. ‘But, no, I don’t see a diminution of affection or support for the president, and I think people expect him to make the case. … It would be malpractice not to do it this way.’” (Glenn Thrush, “Obama’s Negative Feedback Loop,” Politico, 5/30/12)

Obama’s 2008 “Hope And Change Campaign Was The Happy Cover On A Dogged, Overwhelming Attack Campaign.” “We’re talking about a campaign that outspent John McCain by as much as a 3-1 ratio in the final stretch, and devoted most of that money to negative ads. The ‘hope and change’ campaign was the happy cover on a dogged, overwhelming attack campaign.” (David Weigel, “The Myth Of The Positive 2008 Obama Campaign,” Slate, 5/22/12)

In 2008, Obama Ran “More Negative Ads Than Any Other Candidate In History.” “The ad’s potency speaks to a fact about Mr. Obama’s 2008 campaign that often goes overlooked. That year he ran more negative ads than any other candidate in history, according to the Wisconsin Advertising Project, a nonpartisan political research group.” (Jeremy Peters, “Aggressive Ads For Obama, At The Ready,” The New York Times, 5/8/12)


“Though The Obamans Certainly Hit John McCain Hard Four Years Ago—Running More Negative Ads Than Any Campaign In History—What They Intend To Do To Romney Is More Savage.” (John Heilemann, “Hope: The Sequel,” New York Magazine, 5/27/12)

In 2012, Obama Will Be A “Brass-Knuckled, Pipe-Hitting, Red-In-Tooth-And-Claw Brawler Determined To Do What Is Necessary To Stay In Power In Other Words, A Politician.” “Whichever side is right, one thing is undeniable. For anyone still starry-eyed about Obama, the months ahead will provide a bracing revelation about what he truly is: not a savior, not a saint, not a man above the fray, but a brass-knuckled, pipe-hitting, red-in-tooth-and-claw brawler determined to do what is necessary to stay in power in other words, a politician.” (John Heilemann, “Hope: The Sequel,” New York Magazine, 5/27/12)

  • “Thus, To A Very Real Degree, 2008’s Candidate Of Hope Stands Poised To Become 2012’s Candidate Of Fear.” (John Heilemann, “Hope: The Sequel,” New York Magazine, 5/27/12)
  • “But If The Obama 2012 Strategy In This Regard Is All About The Amplification Of 2008, In Terms Of Message It Will Represent A Striking Deviation.” (John Heilemann, “Hope: The Sequel,” New York Magazine, 5/27/12)

Obama Has Become One Of The “Negative Ad Peddlers, Who Embrace The Politics Of Anything Goes” That He Decried. “And strangely enough, it was in that very speech that Obama predicted his own demise. Just before his climactic applause line, the future president issued a stark warning. ‘Even as we speak,’ he said, ‘there are those who are preparing to divide us — the spin masters, the negative ad peddlers, who embrace the politics of anything goes.’ On May 21, 2012, more than three years after he was sworn into office, Obama confessed at a press conference in his hometown, Chicago, that he had become one of those peddlers.” (Matt Negrin, “In Memoriam: The Old Obama, Who Wanted To Bring People Together,” ABC News, 5/23/12)

  • Obama 2004: “Even As We Speak, There Are Those Who Are Preparing To Divide Us, The Spin Masters And Negative Ad Peddlers Who Embrace The Politics Of Anything Goes.” OBAMA: “Now even as we speak, there are those who are preparing to divide us, the spin masters and negative ad peddlers who embrace the politics of anything goes. Well, I say to them tonight, there’s not a liberal America and a conservative America; there’s the United States of America.” (Senator Barack Obama, Democratic National Convention, Boston, MA, 7/27/04)

CBS’ Bob Schieffer: “Whatever Happened To Hope And Change ?” “Well, you know, one of the refreshing changes when the President was elected — he talked about hope and change. Whatever happened to hope and change? Now, it seems he’s coming right out of the box with these old fashioned negative ads. All campaigns seem to think are the basis of all campaigns now.” (CBS’ “Face The Nation,” 5/27/12)

“Today, Obama’s Campaign Is Very Much Playing The Usual Political Game Of Divide And Conquer.” “With Obama, though, we have more of a special case. This is the guy, after all, who eight years ago created his political brand with a stemwinder of a Democratic National Convention speech decrying the divisiveness of politics, and who four years ago ran a campaign defined by a positive vision of ‘hope’ and ‘change.’ Today, Obama’s campaign is very much playing the usual political game of divide and conquer.” (Aaron Blake, “Can The Campaign Of ‘Hope’ Go Negative?” The Washington Post, 4/9/12)

  • “The Stark Change In Tone Is Notable.” “It has gone with a populist message that is already being used to cast Mitt Romney as the candidate of the elites. The campaign is also doing its best to make that case that the Republican Party is anti-woman, attempting to turn half the electorate on its opponent. Both are sound political strategies, to be sure, but next to the Obama campaign’s previous, more positive slogans, the stark change in tone is notable.” (Aaron Blake, “Can The Campaign Of ‘Hope’ Go Negative?” The Washington Post, 4/9/12)
  • The Wall Street Journal : “It Is A Long, Long Way From His ‘There’s No Red America, There’s No Blue America’ Stuff Of 2004, Much Less The Inspiration Of 2008.” (Editorial, “Paul Ryan’s Hunger Games,” The Wall Street Journal, 4/4/12)

Obama Made A Mistake Going Negative – YouTube

David Brooks on “Meet the Press” says that Obama has made a mistake by starting off the campaign going negative (May 27, 2012).

via David Brooks: Obama Made A Mistake Going Negative – YouTube.

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