Black Republicans congratulate Mitt Romney

We, in the National Black Republican Association, extend our congratulations to Governor Mitt Romney who became the presumptive Republican Party’s presidential nominee as a result of the Texas primary.

Since Mitt Romney shares our Republican values of constitutional freedoms, economic liberty and equality of opportunity, we support his bid for the presidency.  Romney is a cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School who earned a simultaneous MBA from Harvard Business School, graduating in the top five percent of his class.  He understands how businesses work—big and small.  He knows, first hand, the effects government and European-style healthcare have on businesses.

President Barack Obama, his opponent, was marinated in Marxism and is a committed socialist.  In order to win re-election, Obama is now waging class warfare by demonizing job creators such as Bain Capital, threatening tax increases and creating high unemployment that’s destroying the middle class.

Obama believes he can spend his way to prosperity by creating a bloated government with massive deficit spending that will send our economy into financial ruination, just like Greece.  While refusing to authorize the building of the job-creating Keystone pipeline, Obama is wasting our tax dollars on bankrupt “green energy” companies such as Solyndra that are run by his buddies who give him campaign donations as “kick-backs,” Chicago-style.

An article entitled “One of Obama’s Earliest Supporters Defects” by John Hinderaker reveals how Artur Davis, a black Democrat and former Obama presidential campaign co-chairman, is abandoning the Democratic Party because of Obama’s failed socialist policies.  Davis stated: “On the specifics, I have regularly criticized an agenda that would punish businesses and job creators with more taxes just as they are trying to thrive again.”

Below is an article by Star Parker that exposes how another black Democrat denounced Obama’s socialist agenda that is causing great harm to black Americans.  Notably, in his book “Dreams From My Father”, Obama described what he and other Democrats do to poor blacks as “plantation politics.”

Frances Rice
National Black Republican Association

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