Wisconsin Democrats alledge GOP misleading Voters with RoboCalls

Without any proof the Wisconsin Recall Democrats are crying foul already.  It’s the same old story, Robocalls are telling folks they vote on Wednesday or that if folks signed the recall petition they don’t have to vote.

Here is the thing, if Democrats haven’t educated voters that election day is Tuesday (as is being covered Nationally) and  if their voters don’t know that one must actually vote in an election… there is something seriously wrong.

The way we see it. Wisconsin Democrats are going to lose and need to allege fraud to soften the blow.

Here is the letter that has been sent to the General Accountability Board that alleges that the Walker Campaign is willfully misleading voters.

With only about four hours into the Election Day voting, members of the Milwaukee Democratic Party claim that calls are going out to voters telling them if they’d signed the recall, they didn’t need to vote today.

Milwaukee County Dem Chair Sachin Chheda said that Walker supporters can’t get through the day without “cheating.”

“This latest lowlife sleaze comes on the heels of countless reports from around the state of various Republican dirty tricks on behalf of Walker,” Chheda said in a statement. “For instance, reports surfaced last weekend that Walker supporters are paying homeowners to post Walker signs on their lawns.”

A state GOP source dismissed the claims, saying it was expected from Dems who have made voter suppression claims part of their playbook.

“That’s just what they do, they’re simply setting the stage for a close election,” the source said. “The story doesn’t exist until they provide evidence.”

via WisPolitics Election Blog: Dems cry foul early into Election Day; Sen. Taylor demands investigation.

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